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Remember Bernard Goetz, Jessica Lynch, the DC Sniper Victims? AFTERMATH does. 

What was really going through Bernie Goetz' mind as he shot four youths on the subway in New York? Do the victims of the DC Sniper still live in fear? Where is Jessica Lynch now. William Shatner interviews those ordinary citizens whose lives were transformed over night in the new BIO Channel series, "AFTERMATH".

How Does it Feel

I was able to view the first episode of "AFTERMATH" this weekend with Bernard Goetz, the man famous for shooting 4 young African American kids on the subway in New York City before they were allegedly going to mug him. He was acquitted of all charges except carring and unregistered firearm and served less than a year in jail. Having grown up in an exterior suburb of New York, I remember The City in the mid-1980s and it was a very different place. Crime was at an all-time high, you couldn't walk a block without seeing a homeless person, and the subway stations were dark and smelly places. Bernard Goetz had been mugged and beaten before. Everyone knew someone who had been mugged. The time was ripe for a citizen hero.

What I enjoyed about "AFTERMATH" is that Shatner tried to get to the heart of what Goetz felt that day. They discuss the events leading up to it, the how and why Goetz had a gun, when he knew he was going to shoot the four boys, and the physical affect on his body during the episode. For example, his vision turned to black and white, and his hearing was altered.

The Aftermath of What Happened

What is life like and how do you go on after you are launched into the public eye, your face on every TV screen, newspaper, and magazine? Is it possible to slip back into obscurity? What are the long term affects on your life? Shatner interviews not just the main subject, but other instrumental people involved in the cases to separate fact from fiction. We hear the story differently and learn how life can change in years after making the headlines.

"AFTERMATH" premieres tonight, Monday August 2nd at 10PMET (9PMCT / 11PMPT) on The Bio Channel.

Who else would you like to see on "AFTERMATH"?


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Disclosure: I received a free screener of the first episode of "Aftermath" for review purposes. All opinions expressed here are my own and this post was neither reviewd nor approved by "Aftermath" or the Bio Channel prior to being published.