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Breakfast on a stick, portable potties, and other travel companions

This weekend I packed up the Twofer bright and early for a drive to Grandma's house. The Mister was stayed behind so I decided to leave first thing in the morning to avoid Friday night traffic and to make it easier should something go wrong on the New Jersey Turnpike (NJTPKE)...cause something always goes wrong and it's easier to handle that during daylight hours.

Here's a list of must-haves for me when I drive alone with The Twofer:

On the Go Potty

Granola Bars

Emergency Water Supply

Portable DVD Player (portable because you can take it with you in the cab of the tow truck, into the dealership, into the car rental office...)

Let's just say I've learned from experience and each one of these items have 'saved' us before.

Thank you Jimmy Dean for Breakfast on a stick

A new item I'm adding to this list is specific to the early morning trips. What better way to start a long ride than breakfast on a stick? I first tried the new Jimmy D's line of breakfast items at Blogher where I also received a coupon for a free box!

Not one to ignore the word FREE, I was all over it like that pancake wrapped around that there sausage...

Breakfast on a Stick - Jimmy D's Griddle Sticks

Not a corndog, it's a pancake dog (aka: griddle stick)! It's a pancake, complete with maple syrup flavor, wrapped around turkey sausage and neatly packaged on a stick. And, it's surprisingly good.

I'm not generally a food-on-a-stick kinda person. I'm not really a processed meat kinda person. I mean, I bought 1/10th of an organic, grass-fed cow! But, at the crack of dawn with a long drive ahead of me, this breakfast hit the spot!

What I liked about Jimmy D's Griddle Sticks

  • heats up in the microwave in less than a minute
  • easy to take with you in the car (you moms who are notoriously late for preschool will get that) or while walking to school (like you never had to do that either)
  • fills you up and The Twofer loved them

So what other food on a stick have you had? I might need to bring them with us on our next roadtrip.


Disclosure: I received a coupon while at Blogher for a free box of Jimmy D's breakfast item. All opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved by Jimmy Dean prior to publishing.