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The Practecol line of eco-friendly devices are better for the Earth and your wallet

As a green blogger I'm always looking out for eco-friendly products that are EASY to install, and use. I'm not a rocket scientist like some of my friends, but I can read directions and use a drill. Lucky for me, I only needed to drill once for this review and The Mister was more than happy to help.

Practecol wants you to save money

The first thing you notice about the packaging is how much Practecol estimates you can save annually by using that product! If you add up all the savings it means a fabulous pair of Jimmy Choos for the holidays! (You like how I put it into terms we all can grasp, don't you?)

Practecol refrigerator kit, remote control surge strip, retractable clothesline and more

Putting Practecol to work

Here are some of the devices we've started using and my thoughts:

Energy Monitor 

Plug it into any outlet then plug in the device you want to test. It will tell you how much energy that device consumes and even the cost! Right now I have it in the outlet where The Mister plugs his laptop. I think he should unplut it once in a while. I'm trying to prove this point but so far it only looks like it costs about $1.40 for the amount of time it's been plugged in (maybe 2 weeks?)

Refrigerator Kit

Armed wtih a thermometer that sounds an alarm if the door is left open too long and a brush to get the dust off the coils, our fridge should be maintaining optimum temperature and using less energy. So far we have yet to set off the alarm! Maybe all you need is the power of suggestion!

Surge Strip

The remote control 8-outlet power strip has two always-on outlets. We have this for our TV/DVD/DVR setup since the DVR needs to stay on to keep recording while the other devices can be turned off. My biggest question was what if you lose the remote? Not to worry, Practecol can send you a new one or you can turn off those outlets with a switch on the device like a standard surge protector.

Remote Control Outlet Adapter

I have this installed in the outlet where I plug in my printer. The outlets around my des are all full and so I have to run an extension cord into this outlet on the other side of the room. I don't use my printer all the time and now I can easily turn it off with the zap of the remote! Easy and actually kinda fun!

Indoor Retractable Clothesline

We installed this device in our mudroom / laundry room. It's perfect to hang entire loads of laundry to dry when the sun isn't out. And it will be great during the winer to hang snow-covered coats, snowpants, and more! It easily retracts back into itself and even has room to store clothespins!

Currently Practecol products are availabe in Target stores and online at


Disclosure: I received Practecol products at no charge for purposes of a review. All opinions expressed here are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to publishing.