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Who is the MasterMind in your Family?


MasterMind is one of those games that kept my brother and I entertained as we were visiting my grandparents in Vermont. If we weren't skiing, or hiking, we were playing MasterMind.

MasterMind Requires Problem Solving Skills

If you have never played before, the object of the game is to break the color code.The Codebreaker has about 20 chances to figure it out using clues given by the Codemaker. What I realize, having young kids, is that problem solving skills take some time to develop. How cool that Pressman Toys realized this too and developed a new, verticle version of MasterMind for younger kids that use pictures instead of just colors.

Vertical MasterMind for Kids

What better way to learn about codes and using clues to problem solve than with a game! Animal MasterMind Towers challenges kids to guess the order in which their opponent has place animal tiles. The Twofer have really enjoyed playing this together and it's so cute to hear them saying, "Is your elephant above your sheep?". Just a fun twist on a classic game.


MasterMind Towers also come in SpongeBob SquarePants, Disney Fairies, and Looney Toons characters as well!.  For more information check out the MasterMind website and the MasterMind Facebook page.

Did you ever play MasterMind? What other childhood games kept you busy?