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Some of my new fave eco-friendly products and my Mom Central gig

So, I have a new gig. Well, not so new as I've been doing it since April. I'm now writing twice a week for Mom Central Goes Green.

You've seen lots of reviews and giveaways here that are sponsored by Mom Central. When they had a call for writers (a paid position) I applied and was accpeted!

The past few years I've dabbled more and more in the green lifestyle and many of the products I've been covering over there I've purchased on my own.

Here are just a few that I've written about lately:

Unbleached Natural Waxed Paper Sandwich Bags

I've traded in my plastic sandwich bags for these and LOVE them. We reused them over and over for dry snacks (chips, crackers, etc). Here's the full review over at Mom Central.


Biobag Compostable Trash Bags

Everytime I took out the kitchen trash I cringed. I've reduced the number of plastic bags around here by using reusable grocery bags and switching to paper bags for the kitty litter. So trash was the one place I would see plastic bag after plastic bag. I found Biobag at Whole Foods and feel much better when I bring out the trash. Read my full review at Mom Central.

Reusable Produce Bags

OK, I haven't tried these yet but they are next on my list. That's the 'other' plastic bag I haven't been able to completely get rid of. I will sometimes take one of my reusable grocery bags and designate one for produce but you still have to take the fruits and veggies out and put them on the dirty belt at check-out. Any of you purchased reusable produce bags that you love? Read the full article at Mom Central.

Do you have a suggestion for something I should cover over on Mom Central Goes Green? Do you have a favorite eco-friendly product? Let me know! And stop over there sometime and leave a comment when you get a chance :).




Cha-ching! The $ound of Tra$h

WAIT! Don't throw that out! It could be worth money!

This is the new saying in my house. This past spring I participated in my neighborhood yard sale and made about $200. And now I take a second (and third) look at just about everything to determine if it has any value.
That old toddler swing? Sold on CraigsList for $10.
The Little Tykes playhouse...brought me $100, cold, hard cash. I didn't even have to help take it apart. (Little Green Tip: do a little research before you post your stuff. I included photos, and retail pricing so potential buyers could see the savings right on my post).

But sites like eBay, CraigsList, and others aren't just making people money (and conversely getting people deals), they are helping people to reduce, reuse and recycle that valuable thing called stuff.

And a really cool place for stuff that doesn't sell is
I'm almost shocked at the stuff people have taken from my driveway.

Old broken fishing rods? Someone else wanted to fix them. A baby swing that only moves back and forth? One lucky person got that and I threw in the batteries too!

I didn't make money on these items (on Freecycle everything is free). And yet I was grateful that I didn't have to experience the green guilt that comes with putting stuff out in the trash.

So next time you tackle that garage, attic, or closet, don't be so quick to toss things in the trash. Consider that someone may just want what you don't...and they may be willing to pay for it.



I Drive 55

I consider myself a New Yorker. I haven't actually lived in NY, but I grew up in Connecticut and NYC was what I referred to as "The City". I now live outside of Washington, DC but "The City" will always be New York City to me. DC is DC.

That said, I drive like a New least compared to people around here. I plow up to the front of a merge lane and push my way in. I peel out from a light and slam on my breaks at the next light. I weave in and out of traffic trying to find the best lane of the beltway...much to my husband's dismay.

That all came to a screeching halt when gas hit the $4 mark.

I decided I'd try driving the speed limit on the highway just to see if it made a difference.
(Lil Green Tip: ease into this. you'll go nuts driving 55 if you're used to doing 75-80 on the highway. Start at 70. Next week set your cruise control at 65. The following week go to 60 mph. You've got to give yourself a chance to get used to people passing you. Deep breathing, Howard Stern, or books on tape are good distractions.)

And as uncomfortable as I was having everyone pass me by, I did notice a tank of gas was lasting longer!

Of course I started doing a few other recommended things:

1. I've started easing out of a stop instead of gunning it.
2. I drive close to the speed limit even on back roads.
3. I combine trips as much as possible.
4. I try to telecommute for work an extra day a week.

And the result is for the past 3 weeks a tank of gas has lasted me one, whole week*!

So another Little Green pat on the back for me for having the patience to slow down.


*note: I don't drive on the highway everyday and I don't have a long commute.