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Disney's 'Secretariat' is a Movie Where Mothers Stay Strong, and Grown Men Cry

Why Mothers will love Secretariat

A few weeks ago I was invited to see a special preview screening of the new Disney film, 'Secretariat' staring Diane Lane (LOVE) and John Malkovich whom I also love, especially in this role! But this is not a horse movie. It's a film about a woman, a mother making really tough choices, and taking risks...risks her family may have never recovered from had things not worked out for her.

'Secretariat' is the TRUE story of Penny Chenery Tweedy, a Denver housewife who takes over her family horse breeding farm after the death of her mother. We watch her struggle with being away from her children and missing some major milestones. We cheer when she confronts industry bullies including other (male) trainers, and owners. And we cringe when her decision to risk the family fortune is challenged by not only her brother, but her husband as well. 

Yet we know the ending of the story. We KNOW she was fighting for the RIGHT decision. But back then, even she had no real idea what was going to happen.

And that is what we mothers face every single day. We have this gut feeling about raising our children, and we also have our own doubts, and fears that we'll screw it all up for them.

Secretariat is Moving But in a Spiritual Way

What I Loved most about the movie was the soundtrack. The gospel song, "Oh Happy Day" kept me warm the whole drive home. It brought grown men to tears in the theater.  I saw it with my own, womanly eyes.

Because this is a story of faith. Faith that this very special horse knew what to do all on his own, and faith that everything would somehow work out for Penny. The story, the incredible beauty of the horses, and the amazing journey of this one horse, and this one woman is truly moving. It makes you feel like whatever you are doubting in your own life, if you just have faith, it will somehow work out.

"Secretariat' is in theaters starting this weekend.

Go, and bring your mom.


Disclosure: I was invited to attend a special screening of the movie at no charge. All opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published. Also, I loved this movie. I loved Diane Lane's entire wardrobe. And the acting was incredible. And now I want to go out and buy a horse.