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Ah ha! Gotcha! MAXSA Motion-Activated Solar Security Light Review

Everyone knows by now that I love my neighborhood. It's the kind of place where the kids can walk to their friends house, people wave as they drive by, and we yell at each other's children.

It seems other people are now interested in my neighborhood but for entirely different reasons.

They want to steal things.

They like open garages, unlocked cars, and dark corners.

Image of Shop Lifter/Thief via Jeremy Burgin on Flickr

One group of really smart hoodlums went into my friend's 8:00 pm while her husband was just inside bringing out the trash...and sat in their parked car and started rummaging around! What's more...they love on a cul-de-sac and the 'getaway' car was in the circle and had to drive past my friend's husband to get their other friend as he ran from the garage.

Yes, they were caught.

I hope it was worth the $.80 they made off with. I'm. Not. Kidding. eighty cents

Anyway, dumb or not I'd like to disuade any hoodlums from even trying, but leaving my outside lights on all night is a) costly and b) burns the bulbs out quicker than you can say, "Ah ha! Gotcha!"

Solar powered, motion-activated security lights

I recently met the company MAXSA at the DC Consumer Electronics Show and learned about some great residential (and commercial) products they have on the market including security lights.

They sent me a sample solar motion-activated security light to test and I have to say this is cool. During the day the solar charge panel converts sunlight into electricity and charges the batteries. The batteries then power the LED lights which turn on autmatically at night when motion is detected and lasts up to 4 minutes. 

Image via MAXSA cause my photos were terrible

What I like:

It uses no electricity (saves me money).

I like the motion-activated 'surprise' any ne're-do-well will get if they set it off.

I like that you can control the amount of time the lights stay on up to 4 minutes.

I won't have to remember to turn the light on or off for guests as they arrive or leave in the dark!

Other Cool Stuff for the Home from MAXSA

My friends over at MAXSA knew I was excited about the solar security lights but THEY were really excited to tell me about their garage laser park system...and here's I start to think The Mister put them up to all this.

I mean, how did they know I'm always bumping into the freezer we have in our garage with my car?

They also have some very cool products for the car...and thus, Father's Day {hint hint} like the 3-outlet power adaptor (hello tailgating!) and foldable traction mats (for off-roading warriors).

Next on my list I think will be the solar walkway lights and flameless candle lanterns.

And a motion-activated vampire that pops out of the bushes...that's get them!


Disclosure: I received a solar powered dual-head LED security spotlight at no charge from MAXSA. All opinions expressed here are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to publishing.


Giveaway: Online Poster Prints Turn Your Images into Art

So this looks like the coolest thing yet!

You can take a photo and have a digital photo enlargement done to make it poster-sized and ready to hang on your wall!

NOTE: this is a giveaway only - I have not tried this yet but am going through old photos to see just which one I want to use. I'm wondering if I should scan in some of the Twofer's artwork from preschool, or enlarge a photo of my dad holding them as infants (he passed away a week later), or simply have a poster made of our annual family photo at the beach.

Win one from TwoferMom

One winner will receive a 18x24 Poster Print on high gloss or semi gloss paper. Turnaround is about one business day and shipping will be FREE (UPS Ground).

Here's how to enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me what type of photo you would have made into a of your child, an artistic photo your took, or maybe a logo for your business?

2. Subscribe to TwoferMom via email.

That's it! Contest is open to US residents 18 years or older. Contest ends Tuesday, February 23 at 11:00pm ET. Winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond before I choose another winner.

For more information on having digital photos on posters visit

Good luck!


Disclosure: giveaway product provided by Uprinting at no cost. All views and opinions with regard to the product or company are my own and are not influenced, nor reviewed by the company prior to posting.


Remember to change your filters, or have Filtrete remind you!

We ALWAYS forget to change our filters. We forget until the house is not cooling down like it should. We forget until we call ‘the guy’ who then comes out, changes the filters that are filthy, and charges us $300. We then swear we’ll remember to change them but we never do. Now, thanks to Filtrete and Mom Central, I just might remember!

I am going to sign up for the Clean Air Club on to get a seasonal newsletter and reminder to change my filters! There are other ‘member’ benefits like a wallet card so I never forget which size filters I need, a Homeowners Guide to indoor air quality booklet, and special member promotions and rebates.

Plus, I’ve noticed my allergies picking up this year. I have new pillow protectors but what I didn’t realize is that sometimes my ‘cleaning’ efforts (including dusting and vacuuming) can increase irritating particles like mold spores, dust, and pet dander. This is where a good filter can help.

For more useful tips on how to create a healthy home and to sign up for the Clean Air Club so you remember to change your filters visit

Checking on mine now,

This post sponsored by


X-14 Mold & Mildew Sounds Powerful (and is)

I was one of those people that hired a cleaning lady as soon as I could afford one. Working full time I valued my Saturdays and Sundays and could not stand losing one to a day of cleaning...especially bathrooms.

Me versus the Bathroom versus X-14

Well last year we were looking at ways to cut back and I decided to TRY cleaning my house myself (with some help from the Twofer and Mister). So I hugged my beloved Martiza and told her this is not "goodbye"! This is "see you later"! And then I went to the store and loaded up on cleaning supplies that would make this new job of mine easier.

Supplies I bought just to clean the shower:
tile cleaner, bleach for the tub ring, gloves, and various scrubbers for the tub and tiles.

X-14 Eliminates Mold, Mildew, and the Bucket

Had I known then what I know now...Mom Central just introduced me to X-14 Mold & Mildew cleaner which virtually replaces my bucket-o-goodies with one neatly packaged blue bottle. Not only does "
X-14" sound like some top-secret, powerful agent, it really is! A powerful cleaning agent that is. {feel free to chuckle now at my lame joke} X-14 Mold & Mildew Stain Remover doesn't require scrubbing so off come the gloves and the brushes, and it cleans the ring in the tub AND the tile and grout. That leaves me with just this....

Much easier to carry from bathroom to bathroom

Other Cool Facts About X-14 Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

  • proven to keep mildew stains from returning for up to 2 weeks
  • can be used on hard, non-porous surfaces in the home, RV or boat!
  • can clean vinyl surfaces like showers, vinyl bath mats, shower curtains,
  • great for plastic garbage cans
  • excellent as a deck wash (unpainted wood surfaces)
  • great for preparing surfaces for painting

I'm curious, how many products do you currently use to clean your tub and shower?


Get the Fax! Packetel Online Fax Service -Receive Faxes at Home Without the Machine


Don't want to invest in a fax machine?
Tired of using the neighbor's fax machine?

Packetel’s Online Fax Service allows you to receive unlimited incoming faxes in your e-mail inbox for only $3.95 a month! Great for Work at Home Moms or small businesses, Packetel's Online Fax Service can send faxes to multiple e-mail addresses, text you you have a new fax, and deliver your fax in PDF format.

Try this service for FREE for one year!

Two (2) lucky readers will win just that! Here’s how you can win:

1. Blog It!
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3. Flickr Group
Show us your cluttered office, your broken fax machine, or even just the space where you wish you had a fax!

Join the Flickr Packetel contest group and upload a picture:
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4. YouTube
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Contest is open to all U.S. residents. The contest runs from Sunday, April 12th to Friday, May 1st. Two winners will be chosen by random number generator.

Good luck!