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Review: Hanging with Twitter Friends at Jaleo Tapas Bar in Bethesda

Jaleo Bethesda is a fun and tasty way to gather with friends. Next time, join us!

I still know how to hone in on a great happy hour.

Good thing I didn't have to hone too much recently.

Twitter friends Julia and Greg suggested a Tweetup at Jaleo and thus was formed the Totally Informal DC Tweetup. Somehow this all started around my birthday and some of my other twitter friends Amy, Jessica and Jodi were talking about how I was jipped on my birthday because the power went out and we should get together.

Or maybe I was doing all the talking whining <-- call a spade a spade.

Anyway, my name got tapped for this shindig so I hosted the RSVP on my blog (if you people clicked the ads more I might not have to do that, ahem) and somehow people started refering it as mine.

image via Julia's Yfrog and my fab necklace via @thebeadgirl

For the record, a tweetup is never mine. It's OURS.

I digress.

Jaleo was a gracious host for our Happy Hour Tweetup!

image via Jessica's Yfrog and food via Jaleo YUM!

First of all they gave us $4 tapas and $4 sangria!

Wait, everyone gets that?  Oh.  It's called Jaleo Hour and you can get it too.

Moving on, Chef Paul brought out some spectacular things that I won't even try to pronounce or type but I will kindly Link Here to AMusingFoodie's Blog so you can see all the photos and correct names and bring them to the restaurant so you know what to order.

And seriously - order the endive things, the potatoes with that special sauce, and the fritatta thing which is like a layerd egg and potato thing that's not really a fritatta.

Jaleo Bethesda Celebrates the BIG ten-oh! (10 year anniversary)

For the month of February Jaleo Bethesda is celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a special prix fixe menu of tapas and dessert for just $30! They also have a special cocktail but I never moved beyond the sangria so I can't vouch for it. The sangira though? YUM!

Thanks to everyone else who came!

PunditMom, Delora, CiaoMom, MikeSchaffer (sans his Awesome shirt) and his lovely wife (honey I hope you got enough to eat cause we were plowing through those plates).

I'll be celebrating my 40th birthday all month all year so there is still time to join us!


Disclosure: all opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for this post or for my visit to Jaleo. We paid our way and sometimes folks, the totally-informal-non-sponsored events rock. Also, I love my Twitter friends. That is all. Move along now. Nothing else to see here