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Powermat recharges the whole family

Here's a little device that comes in a nice and tidy package and that the whole family can enjoy.

It's a little mat that recharges cell phones, handheld games, and more without all the wires.

It's portable. It works with just about any device. It's called Powermat.

This is how it looks folded up:

Powermat travel mat in its case

You plug in the powermat, add a receiver to your device, place the device on the mat, and it will bluurp to let you know it's charging. You don't have to plug in your phone, just place it on the mat!

You can charge multiple items at the same time with only one wire plugged in. Neat, clean, tidy.

And cool.

 Powermat with universal power cube and tips

Powermat makes a little blruuuup noise to let you know items are charging and you feel a slight magnetic pull.

You can purchase a receiver for your phone or use a power cube with the appropriate tip (one of the white cubes you see in the picture is the power cube and the other holds the tips used to connect the cube to your device). Either way it's easy and you don't have wires all over the place.

I received the portable Powermat at the Getting Gorgeous event at Blogher and have used it to charge my phone and the Twofer's Nintendo DS machines. I'm thinking this would make a great gift for my brother who has 3 iPhones and 3 iPods in his house. I'm sure many of you can relate.

For more information on Powermat check out the videos here and the website here.


Disclosure: I received a Powermat portable mat, power cube and set of tips at no charge at the Getting Gorgeous event in New York. All opinions expressed are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved by Powermat prior to being published.