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Review: Can Steaz replace my 3:00 coffee fix?

Not sure how much I've blogged about my passion addiction love of coffee here but those who follow me on Twitter know I make a pot 'o Joe just about every afternoon. I love the bold, rich taste and I make it sweet so it cures that craving too. Plus, I perk up and can power through homework and dinner.

I have a new suitor.

His name is Steaz

A few weeks ago I was invited to join some fabulous bloggers at Whole Foods in Silver Spring, MD for a lovely dinner and an introduction to Steaz - part soda, part tea.

Steaz are low in calories (some zero calorie and sweetened with all-natural Stevia)

Steaz are made from tea

Some are bubbly

Some give you energy***

They are all-natural, organic and made with Fair Trade teas

I also learned that founder, Eric was raised in a completely organic household and the poor guy probably had to deal with kids making fun of him while he ate his seaweed chips and tofu during lunch, but his mother made him this promise:

"One day it will be cool to be organic"

And that mother of his gave him the strength to look those bullies with the partially-hydrogenated, orange-puff stained fingers in the eye and say, "Yea! At least no bully wants to steal my lunch!"

Wait, that might not be entirely true because I only heard parts of the story as I was busy sipping Steaz and eating some yummy vegetarian dishes but you get the point.

Steaz are cool. They are so much better for you than soda and they taste great! And they can also give you a little kick around 3:00.

***I'm talking about my new love:

The other day I replaced my cofee with one and I loved it! It gave me a little kick without the upset stomach I sometimes get with too much coffee. It took the edge off the sweet craving and I sailed through homework and cooking dinner. And I didn't have the I-forgot-to-empty-the-coffee-grinds mess I usually have each morning. And with that, I've rambled on enough. Now I need to grab a Steaz.


Disclosure: I received a fun visit with some local blog friends, free samples of Steaz as well as yummy food from Whole Foods. As if that weren't enough I got a cute little goody bag that had more Steaz and some organic beauty supply samples. All opinions here are mine and the part about Steaz founder, Eric, as a kid is made up based on the parts I heard him say because I was truly engrossed in drinking his Steaz. This post was not reviewed (obviously or there would have been some decent editing) nor approved prior to posting.