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Hands-free Toilet Cleaning by Scrubbing Bubbles

Who knew I could ever get my kids to clean the toilet?

All it took was a pedal.

The Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Cleaner Starter is so easy to use, all it takes is one little push of a pedal and the toilet is clean.

There are no batteries required and, Scrubbing Bubbles even thought to provide a white cover for the can of cleaning solution that sits next to your toilet! The sprayer clips easily onto to the toilet bowl rim. The only issue I had was convincing my daughter she wouldn't pee on it the first time she saw it on the edge of the bowl.

She quickly got over it when I showed her how to step on the pedal and it leaves the bowl looking and smelling nice and clean.

Disclosure: I received a Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Cleaner for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published. Also, I truly hate cleaning toilets. This makes it much easier. Some links are affiliate links.


Clean Granite Counters with Pledge... who knew?

Everyone knows you can use pledge to clean wood.

I have a lot of wood in my home. Almost the entire main floor of my house is wood. We have tons of wood cabinets, and this beautiful set of cherry furniture in my bedroom. This is one of my favorite places to use Pledge:

Pledge cleans my cherry wood dresser  

But this is my NEW favorite place to use Pledge:

 Pledge cleans granite too!

Pledge can clean much more than wood

Did you know Pledge can clean granite, stainless steel, marble, even leather? I tried Pledge on a few 'new' surfaces and was surprised how clearn it really made them! The granite, as you can see from my photo, 'shined like the top of the Chrystler Building" to steal a line from "Annie".

I tried it out on a stainless steel spoon rest (honesly, I was afraid to just start spraying it on my fridge) and it really did the trick with zero streaks but a mild lemon odor. Ah, that Pledge lemon smell!

You can purchase Pledge at most major retailers or get a great deal on a 3-pack of Pledge at Amazon.

Then you can thank me.

You're welcome.


Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. I received a free can of Pledge from One2One Network to sample for review purposes and a gift card as a thank you for spreading the word about the many uses for Pledge. All opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published. Some links are affiliate links.


Win a DYMO Label Maker and Let's Get Organized Together! (winner)

Congratulations to Trish! You won the DYMO label maker! Thanks to all who entered. - Janine


OK, so here's how this goes down...

My house is a total, complete, and utter mess from a summer spent swimming, crafting, and not organizing.

The night before the first day of school you would have found me scrambling all the supplies together at 11:00 pm making sure I have everything...times two.

But now that The Twofer are back in school I can find at least some time to organize and I'm hoping to take at least one whole day per month (if not twice a month) and dedicate it to cleaning and organizing!

So far, it took me half a day to do one junk drawer:

junk drawer after organizing

DYMO makes getting organized fun

So, to make a long story a little shorter (and make it a reivew since that's the point), I JUMPED at the chance to review a DYMO LabelManager 260p label maker! This little machine gets me excited to get organized. So far I've labeled that junk drawer, school supplies, backpacks, and more.

DYMO Label Maker that helps me get organized

Here's what I like about this label maker:

It's easy to use - even The Twofer have figured it out!

It has different font sizes, special characters, even cool borders!

You can store labels and print out up to 10 copies at once! (Perfect for labeling all the back-to-school stuff...times two)

The labels have a very easy packing to peel off and the label maker is compact enough to store in a junk drawer (at home or at the office).

WIN a DYMO LabelManager 260p Label Maker!

I'm lucky enough to be able to give one of these little charmers away to a TwoferMom reader. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me how you would use the label maker to get organized.

Extra entries (of course leave details and URL in comments):

1. Tweet a link to this giveaway on Twitter and include @twincident in there

2. Post a link to this giveaway on Facebook

3. Subscribe to TwoferMom RSS feed via email (click the coffee cup at the top of the right column)

Contest ends 9/17/10 at 11:59pm ET. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email or Twitter so make sure I can get in touch with you or I'll have to choose another entry!

Good luck!


Disclosure: I received a DYMO label maker at no charge to review. All opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published.


Spring Cleaning Nooks and Crannies...and I'm not talking English Muffins 

We have 2 cats...American Short Hair is what I think their technical name is. My cats are much smaller than your average dog yet they still have a lot of that 'short' hair which gets everywhere!

Also, we have wood floors. Infact, our entire lower level is wood floor. Do the math:

cat hair + wood floors = TONS of dust bunnies

Our dust bunnies get into every little nook and cranny of our house. does my new Swiffer SweeperVac!

Seriously - I'm digging this thing.

It's a dry cloth sweeper with a mini, cordless, rechargable vacuum attached! It weighs just a few pounds but sucks up fine dust, pet hair, food particles, crumbs, pet hair, dirt, annnnnnd pet hair. It has a removable bin and filter to trap the crumbs and larger particles. And the battery can last through up to five rooms of cleaning.

Here are two of our tough spots for pet hair and you can see how the Swiffer SweeperVac easily fits!

 Swiffer SweeperVac attacks dust bunnies in the corner

Swiffer SweeperVac can reach places my regular vacuum can't

Here are more Spring Cleaning tips from Swiffer

Swiffer has teamed up with "Dog Whisperer", Cesar Millan to help pet owners with some Spring Cleaning tips that will help pets stay calm and keep the hair under control.

if you are stressed or frustrated when you go to pick up a cleaning tool, your dog can pick up on this negative energy and associate the cleaning tool with negativity

we are constantly cleaning pet hair and or pet food...we keep our 2-in-1 Swiffer SweeperVac around at all times to pick up the pet hair while trapping the crumbs

clean up after your pet has an accident - if he's peed in an area once, he's more likely to pee there again because of the odor

The Swiffer SweeperVac won't replace your regular vacuum but its light and great for small jobs on hard floors like in kitchens, bathrooms, etc. It retails for $39.99 and can be found at many mass merchandise and grocery stores. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Disclosure: I received a Swiffer SweeperVac at no cost. All opinions here are mine and were not reviewed or approved prior to publishing.