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Review: The other Martha Goes to Washington for President's Day

Do you ever wish your pet could talk?

Tell you all about where they explored that day when you weren't with them? Maybe they could even help you get things done around the house (I'm all about a pet who could be useful)?

image of Martha Speaks via Amazon

This was on our minds when we came across the book Martha Speaks at the library last summer. This is the story of a dog who learned to speak after eating a bowl of alphabet soup and the Twofer fell in love with Martha right away (closest thing they'll have to a dog in a loooooong time).

Then one day last fall we saw Martha Speaks on TV! I love the fact that it's on PBS (no annoying commercials) and they love that it's fills them up with big words.

Martha Speaks big words around Washington

A 2-part episode of Martha Speaks airs tomorrow (February 15, 2010) to honor President's Day. Martha is called on by the president to help him find a dog fit for the White House. Martha will introduce words like "neighborhood", "debating", and "volunteer" which don't seem like very big words until you have to explain them to a 6-year old. Then, they are VERY difficult. Don't believe me? Go ahead, try it.

Yes, right now. In the comments leave me an explanation of what those words mean without using other, similarly 'big' words. It's not easy.

More new episodes of Martha Speaks plus books and an iPhone app!

You can bet I'll be recording all the new episodes of Martha Speaks that will air next week (Feb. 15-19) on PBS (check your local station listing for times) for the Twofer.

Also, a new series of Martha Speaks books is now available including picture books, early readers and chapter books. In addition to vocabulary, the books cover topics important to Martha including pet adoption and animal advocacy.

Need vocab on-the-go? Check out the Martha Speaks iPhone app that has 4 games to introuduct vocabulary words on the go.



Want to buy Martha Speaks books? I recommend these:

Disclosure: I received a package of Martha Speaks goodies (plush toy, screener copy, book, stickers) at no cost. My family was already familiar and a fan of Martha Speaks prior to being contacted for this review. Opinions expressed here are mine and were not reviewed nor approved by PBS or prior to posting.


Review: Creature ABC – An ABC Book That Will Look Great on My Coffee Table!

Creature ABC by Andrew Zuckerman NOT a children’s ABC book people.

I don’t know Andrew Zuckerman, but I know when you take such incredible photographs they should not be wasted on a book that will suffer torn pages, grease stains, and more from the hands of curious children. Or should they?


CREATURE ABC is a deluxe alphabet book that features 120 pages of Andrew Zuckerman’s breathtaking wildlife photographs. These photos are up close, and personal.  You can see the elephant’s eyelashes, you get a real sense for the majestic that is The Lion, and you appreciate the strange beauty of a vulture (yes, you read that correctly).

Each page holds another beautiful photos and in a way, I’m glad it’s only an ABC book and not riddles with lots of pointless words (words pointless?!??!)

See for yourself


Creature ABC

And, because this is a review I’ve got some Pros and Cons.

Creature ABC Pros


Kids LOVE looking at the photos over, and over, and over so I’m guessing it will help them learn their ABCs.


It’s a bit heavy so this is not one to toss in the diaper bag to look at during dinner or a doctor’s office.

The hard-cover coffee-table book (aka: deluxe) is a bit pricey ($19.00) for an ABC book.

What do you think of Andrew Zuckerman and Creature ABC?

Take a look and you tell me if this book should be given to children, or preserved for all art-loving adults to enjoy on my coffee table.


Product supplied by Chronical Books