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American Express can help parents PASS on financial responsibility


Make Good Spending Choices

My twins are still young but not too young to start learning about the value of money and responsible spending.

They already know that simply because they WANT something, is not reson enough to GET something...even if it doesn't cost much.

One tool I have discovered that can teach kids how to make good spending choices is the PASS card from American Express. This is a prepaid, reloadable credit card parents can give to their kids. It's a great way to start a conversation about spending versus saving. Parents control the money on the card and there is no risk of overdraft or of a negative impact to a teen's credit (or the parent's).

How PASS from AMEX works

I recently ordered a PASS card for the purposes of this review. It was fairly easy - create an account, link your bank account. Yes, for now you cannot load the card with a credit card - even an AMEX credit card. You must link it to your bank account BUT you decide how much is loaded on there and when it's loaded.


The PASS card can help you start a discussion with your teen about allowance, contributing to the household chores, getting good grades, and more that can be rewarded using additional funds on the PASS card. Parents might want to test out their teen's budgeting skills and pre-load a semester's worth of money to cover books, lunch, and entertainment money. If the card is empty at the end of the semester, well a discussion an a lesson on budgeting is in order!

What will Teens think of the PASS card?

Well, since I'm not a teen and I don't have teens, I can only guess. BUT...I'd say they would love the packaging.


AMEX makes the PASS card in a variety of colors and sends it in a very cool reusable box. I would also imagine that any teen is going to appreciate NOT having to ask mom and dad for $20 to go to a movie especially if they have an agreement with their parents already in place.

How do you start the money discussion with your kids? What do you think of giving a teenager a PASS card? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Disclosure: I received a monetary credit on my PASS card as a thank you for participating in the She Speaks campaign. All opinions expressed here are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published.

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