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Buzz Away Natural Insect Repellent


Right up front I want to tell you I was skeptical of this product BUT I also really wanted it to work. Ever since El was diagnosed with Lyme Disease at age 3 (luckily she's a rashy kid and had a rash all over her body since we never saw the bulls-eye, and we caught it early), I've been resigned to using DEET. Not just any DEET, but 10-15%.

DEET is the Lesser of Two Evils

The 'family' sprays that smell good? Not enough DEET according to my pediatrician. She said anything less than 10% DEET and it won't do the trick.

As an increasingly green mom, I'm not in love with the idea that for 4-5 months I'm coating my kid with a dangerous chemical. But, for me it's the lesser of two evils. Stuck with a choice between Lyme disease and DEET - I think most parents will choose DEET. However, I was more than happy to test an all-natural insect repellent called Buzz Away Extreme that had apparently done well in studies against other leading brands.

My Expereince with BUZZ AWAY Natural Repellent

The Mister and The Twofer were the first to try this new spray. They were not thrilled. After about 30 minutes outside filling up the bird feeder and cleaning the bird bath, they were covered in mosquito bites. We have those nasty Tiger ones that are out at all times of the day.

Anywhoo, I did not give up.

As your trusted tester I decided to head out to my bug-infested garden to pick the last of the lettuce and tomoatoes. I loaded up on the Buzz Away spray. I mean I covered myself really well.

testing zone for Buzz Away Extreme natural insect repellent

The spray is more of a mist and so I wanted to make sure it covered my skin and stuck to it. Plus, it doesn't contain harmul chemicals so I didn't feel the need to limit the sprays like we often do with our usual DEET-filled insect spray.

The result?

It worked. I was out there for a good 20 minutes and received only one bite on my upper thigh, under my shorts, which had not been sprayed.

In conclusion

I would say it's worth testing out Buzz Away yourself and here is a coupon for $1.50 off. Remember two things:

1) Use LOTS of it and get complete coverage

2) Remember to reapply often. Coverage time is less for a natural product so bring the spray with you an use it every 2-4 hours.

This probably is not a product I will use for camp days when they need a good 8-hours of coverage. But if it means cutting out DEET for those short trips outside to a playground or to the garden, then I'm happy.

Buzz Away comes in a spray bottle and convenient towelettes that are great for kids to use on themselves. Its made with ingredients like castor oil, geranium oil, citronella, lemongrass, and other natural oils. There is also a Buzz Awat citronella candle that is perfect to bring on a picnic.


Disclosure: I received free samples of Buzz Away Extreme at no cost for this review. All opinions are my own and this post was not reviewed or approved prior to being published.

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