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Some of my new fave eco-friendly products and my Mom Central gig

So, I have a new gig. Well, not so new as I've been doing it since April. I'm now writing twice a week for Mom Central Goes Green.

You've seen lots of reviews and giveaways here that are sponsored by Mom Central. When they had a call for writers (a paid position) I applied and was accpeted!

The past few years I've dabbled more and more in the green lifestyle and many of the products I've been covering over there I've purchased on my own.

Here are just a few that I've written about lately:

Unbleached Natural Waxed Paper Sandwich Bags

I've traded in my plastic sandwich bags for these and LOVE them. We reused them over and over for dry snacks (chips, crackers, etc). Here's the full review over at Mom Central.


Biobag Compostable Trash Bags

Everytime I took out the kitchen trash I cringed. I've reduced the number of plastic bags around here by using reusable grocery bags and switching to paper bags for the kitty litter. So trash was the one place I would see plastic bag after plastic bag. I found Biobag at Whole Foods and feel much better when I bring out the trash. Read my full review at Mom Central.

Reusable Produce Bags

OK, I haven't tried these yet but they are next on my list. That's the 'other' plastic bag I haven't been able to completely get rid of. I will sometimes take one of my reusable grocery bags and designate one for produce but you still have to take the fruits and veggies out and put them on the dirty belt at check-out. Any of you purchased reusable produce bags that you love? Read the full article at Mom Central.

Do you have a suggestion for something I should cover over on Mom Central Goes Green? Do you have a favorite eco-friendly product? Let me know! And stop over there sometime and leave a comment when you get a chance :).



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