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We catch a few mice and now we're bad-ass like Billy the Exterminator

So, we have a small mouse problem.

The problem is that we The Mister is pretty good at catching mice under our kitchen sink.

That sounds good, right?


Until you forget to check the traps under the sink...for a week...even when it starts to smell every time you reach under there to get the detergent for the dishwasher.

Smell aside, the fact remains that we are catching mice.

We're good at it. HE's good at it...The Mister I mean.

And I'm considering getting him a Vexcon t-shirt like our new household hero, "Billy the Exterminator".

Plus, we always learn something new about pest control from Billy, just in case we get an infestation of brown recluse spiders some day.

Have you ever seen the show? If not, be sure to watch A&E tomorrow (Wednesday, July 28) at 10pm for a special one-hour episode where Billy and his brother Ricky head to the Gulf to catch a pair of rowdy foxes and then get a closer look at the oil spill.

About that oil spill...

For the most part I've stopped reading and watching news in the Gulf. The news was simply too depressing, too scary, too sad.

But watching this episode of "Billy the Exterminator" for a review on Lifetime Moms this week gave me a glimps into the devastation without getting depressed. It got my head out of the sand and gave me a platform to start discussing it with The Twofer and even talk about ways we can offer help.

Plus, I learned that they are cleaning oil out of the mouth"s of sea turtles with mayonnaise! See, you always learn something from Billy.


Disclosure: I received a screener copy of "Billy the Exterminator: Billy Goes to the Gulf" for free for a review on Lifetime Moms. All opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved by Lifetime or A&E.

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