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Summer Math Review Made Fun(er) with FlashCar

I've done some complaining here about math. I am not a math person and while the Twofer were in an advanced math this past year, I struggled to assist them.

Yes, I was failing first grade math. They, however, seemed to do ok.

If I don't want them to forget everything they learned (with no help from me) I'd better find ways to make it fun for them to review.

Enter Flashcar, an online math learning game

Flashcar is an online game where you compete with another drive (in our case your twin sister) or the computer in a race around a track. To move your race car you have to answer math questions correctly. If you get it wrong once you can try again. If you get it wrong twice your car stays put. If you don't answer before the timer is up you stay put as well so there is an added element of being timed.

What I liked about Flashcar:

1. The car race theme is fun and it's certainly more interesting to compete when you are reviewing math facts, than simply flipping over flashcards.

2. Being able to race against 3 other players means I may sit them down during a wild playdate to play. Nothing like math to slow down a couple of crazy kids after they've been running around the house!

3. The flashcard math is just that, simple math facts that include addition, subtraction, multiplication or word problems that I saw.

4. There are different tracks and you can choose to go just one lap, or go around a few times to make the game even longer (see #2 as a reason to choose 3 or 4 laps).

There are three levels so you can progress as you practice: beginner (grades K-2 addition & subtraction), intermediate (grades 2-3 addition, subtraction, multiplication with no answer over 50) and Math Whiz (grades 3-4 multiplication and division no answer over 100). Flashcar costs just $14.95 per year for a subscription and they will donate a percentage of sales to your school's PTA or PTO.

Visit the Flashcar website for more information and to see a demo.

What other cool tools are you going to use to keep them learning this summer?


Disclosure: I received a free 60 day trial to review FlashCar. All opinions expressed here are mine and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to publishing.

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