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City Segway Tours - More Fun on 'Twofer' Wheels Can't Be Found

I know I already did a quick post on this but this one is to highlight the video....oh yea.

“Oh…My….God! Can you believe we get to do this???!?!?!?!”

That was what I kept saying to my Blogher partner-in-crime and to myself as we rolled along taking in the sites of my 2nd favorite US City on the City Segway Tour of Chicago.

For real, the Segways are easy-peasy to ride.

I can say this because the two 75 year olds in our group went zooming by my steady-but- not-adventerous-partner within the first 30 minutes. You quickly figure out that tipping your body forward moves the segway…forward. And leaning back is what brings you to a stop…and then backward if you keep leaning backward. But by far the coolest move is simply turning. You lean to the left or the right and these things can turn on a dime.

City Segway Tours gives you sightseeing and a little history

I was somewhat surprised at just how much our guide, Ryan, knew (or memorized…either way it was interesting) about Chicago, and some of it’s more interesting architecture. Having been to Chicago to visit my college roommate a few times I was familiar with some of it…but not all. And riding a segway was definitely a fun way to tour around.

City Segway Tours are honest, safe, and cool in a low-key way

“Ryyyaaaannnn? Has anyone ever…..”

As you know I’m a fantastic interviewer, ahem. So while riding around Chicago’s better views I had a few (dozen) questions for our tour guide, Ryan.

He answered every single one of them….honestly.

Yes, people have done dumb things on the Segways which have resulted in less-than-ideal moments. However, not once did I feel unsafe. The group size was kept small so he could keep an eye out for ALL of us as we crossed streets during light changes. What’s more, we saw several other Segway tour groups riding around that were much larger and the guides did not wear helmets! Not a great example and believe me, I wasn’t the only one to notice that OUR guide DID have a HELMET at all times and safety was his primary concern.

Low-Key = Not Annoying

I can’t explain it any other way but the few times we crossed paths with a different Segway tour their guide invited us in to hear his spiel and frankly, I was annoyed. I preferred Ryan’s low-key, humorous, and less talk = more approach. Plus, our Segways were kept black…unlike other tours who had fluorescent colors that screamed out “Hey everybody! I’m a tourist!”  So uncool. Just sayin.

Try City Segway Tours in Chicago and save 10%!

Because we were such awesome guests, we can pass some savings onto you.

Find yourself in Chicago during the, oh 5 months is it’s not freezing cold? Definitely call our friends Matt and Ryan and see if you can get on one of the three daily tours. Mention me or BTSMoms and you’ll get 10% off. You’re welcome!

Pros & Cons

Because this is a review I'm going to stick with my new format and offer pros (a million) and cons (um, what cons?).

Pros: Nice people, well-run, safe, good value for the money ($70 for a 2+ hour tour!), lots of FUN, your friends will be totally jealous

Cons: Um, you have to tour the city standing up (?), everyone on the open-top tour buses stare at you (cause they wish they'd been so smart!), for real...$70 might be a pinch for some folks...get a group together and Matt said he'd cut you a break.

And now, the video!


Segway Tour Sponsored by

City Segway Tours Chicago

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