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#DisneySMMoms Question of the Day 11/14/10

I've had the pleasure of getting surprised by the Disney Florist and also of GIVING a Disney surprise to my brother for his family's first Disney trip.

The feeling you get coming back to the room and seeing a little present from Mickey and the gang lasts the whole vacation and even the plan ride home. This leads me to today's question of the day...

QUESTION: Have you ever used the Disney Florist? If so, what did you get or give?

We gave my brother a Mickey cooler filled with snacks


They loved it and continue to use it!


#DisneySMMoms Question of the Day 11/13/10

I've only been to Disney three times in my life. Once as a child and now twice with my own children.

I've seen that people get married or spend their honeymoom at Disney World and it got me thinking about today's

QUESTION: Have you ever been to Disney as an adult without your kids?

Want to enjoy Disney without kids? Here's a guide to do just that!

I'm thinking it could great to take advantage of the nightlife and adult rides, but truth be told, I'd feel terribly guilty going without The Twofer now!


#DisneySMMoms Question of the Day 11/8/10

None of us have that special Pixie Dust that controls the weather, and last year so many of us braved snow, ice, and delayed flights to get to the conference. Once there, friends of mine were shocked to see photos of me touring around Epcot in a.... winter coat! What was I going to do? I was cold!

QUESTION: Does bad weather dampen your Disney vacation?


I've only been to Disney twice and both times there were days that it rained or was very cold. Warm rain doesn't bother me, but cold and rain? That can be tough. Though so many Disney hotels have lots of indoor activities and game rooms, I have yet to let it ruin a Disney vacation. There is always something new to explore.


#DisneySMMoms Question of the Day 11/6/10

During last year's conference we got to hear from social media superstars Guy Kawasaki and Chris Brogan.

QUESTION: What social media superstar would you love to hear at this year's Disney Social Media Moms conference?

Here's a video of Guy talking about how he uses Twitter from last year's conference.


Facebook guru and all-around smiley lady, Mari Smith.


#DisneySMMoms Question of the Day

At last year's event one blogger (and family) won a drawing for one night in the suite at Cinderella's Castle. If you could send a deserving blogger to spend the night in Cinderella's Castle who would it be and why?

image via


It's a toss-up between...

Anissa Mayhew from Free Anissa (@AnissaMayhew on Twitter):  because in less than a year she has celebrated her daughter hitting a cancer-free milestone, made an amazing recovery from a life-threatening stroke, and continues to give others hope by telling her story.


Susan from Toddler Planet (@WhyMommy on Twitter): because she's battling cancer every single friggin day and yet she ALWAYS has a smile - at least for me. I know she has bad days but she has taught me to screw the bad days, focus on the good, and appreciate every single moment.

Who would you choose?

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