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#DisneySMMoms Question of the Day 12/2/10


I know everyone is anxious about finding out if they make the registration.

I'm thinking if it's in the cards, then I make it. If not, then I rebook my airfare.

Yes, I purchased airfare already around the conference dates. Flights were affordable, I had a coupon to use on AirTran, and I figured, if I don't make the conference, I've at least got flights to Orlando that I can rebook for $75 each or head to Disney and stalk the conference! (Kidding - this is NOT a suggestion that anyone stalk the conference).

So, today's

QUESTION: Have you done anything to prepare for the Disney Social Media Moms conference not even knowing if you are definitely in?


#DisneySMMoms Question of the Day 12/1/10

Let's discuss for a minute the whole Princess experience. Our first trip to Disney I was shocked to see all these little girls dolled up in Disney Princess dresses, fancy pony tails and glitter in their hair!

At first it seemed really impractical. I mean, how can those little girls go on any rides? And then, we wandered into the store...GASP! The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique offers a range of services that cost $49.99 - $189.95. Um - that's what I spend on MY hair! Which leads to today's...

QUESTION: Have you ever given in and gone all out with a special surprise at Disney like the Bibbidi Bobbidi Botique?



#DisneySMMoms Question of the day 11/29/10

Personally, I'm not a collector. I remember we got some really cute trading pins last year but the one I loved the most said Disney Mom Blogger or something. My guess is that most guests of Disney don't care to have a pin with "blog" or "blogger" on there.

Am I wrong?

QUESTION: Do you trade Disney Pins?

image via


#DisneySMMoms Question of the Day 11/28/10

A friend was telling me about this thing called Hidden Mickeys. Apparently the designers (Imagineers) hid images of Mickey all over the parks. Sometimes it's the famous tri-circle of Mickey's head and ears, and sometimes it's his profile.

 Hidden Mickey via Wikipedia

So I ask you..

QUESTION: Have you ever seen a hidden Mickey?

If so, let us know where so we can look for it on our next trip!


#DisneySMMoms Question of the Day 11/27/10

So many people have been great helping to answer all of these Disney questions. I have been exposed to all kinds of cool blogs about Disney including... the Disney Food Blog.

This is a goldmine for anyone wanting to talk food at Disney.

So, I ask you..

QUESTION: What's your favorite restaurant at Disney?