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Follow me at the TypeA Mom Conference Sept 24-27, 2009


TypeAMom Conference: meet my sponsor,!

I originally found Scribd while I was searching for a way to post or link to a .pdf file in Facebook. What I found was a thriving community of writers, readers, publishers, and scribblers!

As I play around with Scribd the possibilities seem endless and so too does the list of people who could benefit from Scribd.

  • Bloggers who may want to compile their posts into one document.
  • Writers who have yet to be discovered.
  • Marketing professionals who want to share their knowledge and increase awareness.

I'm already thinking that Scribd is the way to go if you want to sell your e-book, recipe book or how-to manual.

Scribd documents can be private as well.

I'll be writing more about Scribd on Twofer the Price of One and will be giving away swag at the Type A Mom Conference so be sure to follow me and check out Scribd!



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City Segway Tours Chicago - when you take a Blogher Break

The guys at City Segway Tours are a) VERY nice and b) very fun. I have always wanted to do a Segway Tour and I could not wait to get on and get rolling when they agreed to let us join a tour.

First you watch a safety video (or in our case tweet and whrrl the entire time).

Then you get on and get comfortable doing it.

And then you get to go on probably the best sightseeing tour of Chicago....and definitely the most fun (bathroom break and hot dog breaks too).


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