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#DisneySMMoms Question of the Day 11/12/10

Let's talk FOOD at Disney for just a moment. Anyone with kids knows that snacks are a must when you are walking all day around a Disney park.

QUESTION: What is your favorite snack food to bring into a Disney park?

Me? I go for granola bars. They are light, easy to pack, and take the edge off hunger until we have time to get a proper meal.


#DisneySMMoms Question of the Day 11/11/10

One of my favorite parts of the conference last year was the dinner at ESPN Wide World of Sports. If you have kids who play sports you MUST visit this site. When kids play in a tournament here, they'll see a professional recap played on the TVs around the complex that will make every one of them feel like a professional athlete!

I can't think of a better way to encourage health and fitness in kids.

QUESTION: Have you ever been to a sporting event or do you have plans to go to one at Disney?


#DisneySMMoms Question of the Day 11/10/10

Last year we were part of a large celebration to thank people who had taken time to volunteer in their community. We witnessed the reveal of a record-breaking canned goods sculpture that would be taken apart to feed hungry families.

QUESTION: What have you done to continue the Disney spirit of volunteering?

Me? We donate to our local area food bank and volunteer to cook meals for a local shelter. Seeing that enormous wall of canned goods was inspiring, and we realized that it all starts with just one person, one can.


#DisneySMMoms Question of the Day 11/9/10

Before last year's conference I had only been to Magic Kingdom and that was only once since I was 5! I was thrilled to be able to visit other Disney parks like Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

QUESTION: Which is your favorite Disney park?

 My First visit to Disney since I was 5!


#DisneySMMoms Question of the Day 11/8/10

None of us have that special Pixie Dust that controls the weather, and last year so many of us braved snow, ice, and delayed flights to get to the conference. Once there, friends of mine were shocked to see photos of me touring around Epcot in a.... winter coat! What was I going to do? I was cold!

QUESTION: Does bad weather dampen your Disney vacation?


I've only been to Disney twice and both times there were days that it rained or was very cold. Warm rain doesn't bother me, but cold and rain? That can be tough. Though so many Disney hotels have lots of indoor activities and game rooms, I have yet to let it ruin a Disney vacation. There is always something new to explore.

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