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Evolution of a Logo 

When I first decided to redesign my website the issue of my BRAND came up. This also entailed agonizing sessions of me talking to myself, my husband, my bloggy mentors and friends, my brother, and then my cousin...designer extraordinaire.

I won't bore you with the details and the drama, the arguments, the tears (seriously - it's hard to take a step back from something you've been doing for a year and say -"What the Hell am I doing??",  "Who am I?" and, "What's the point?" - not easy questions)...but I will show you (once I answered all those questions) just how we came up with the new Twofer Mom logo!

Choosing a Logo Font - it's really all about me

When it comes right down to it, yes, I'm a mom blogger, but this blog is more about ME, dealing with the issues of raising twins, and raising girls, more than it is about them, and by them I mean the Twofer. So, I needed a font that was not frilly, cutesie, and, well, mommy-ish. Because, I write about how I'm NOT really the greatest mother, and how I'm just learning how to deal with the (some would say self-inflicted) drama. I ALSO write about a lot of other things that interest, guess who?..ME!

The font needed to be a little edgy, but still fun, youthful, and show humor.

Add Some Personality to that Font

My cousin (design guru) had the brilliant idea of making a one-of-a-kind logo for me because, well, I'm one of a kind! His idea was to take the two O's and have the Twofer draw their hair on it so everyone will be able to identify that while it's all about ME, it has a lot to do with THEM. Were it not for THEM, I would have no Twofer, nor would I be a Mom. So, there, my small way of saying thanks.


Color is Key to a Logo and a Brand

Frankly, I wasn't thrilled with the bright orange hair. I mean, I KNOW to everyone else redheads seem to have orange hair but to us it's strawberry blonde, or at least a pleasant berry color.

So, we made some changes to the color and also the hand-drawn hair (meaning we had the Twofer do their hair at least 50 times which they a) did not totally enjoy and b) did not understand how totally important this was so eventually I had to 'help') and then went through the color, outline, etc. discussion all on instant message!

Here's what my cousin's (design-guru) process was for this:

And there you have it!

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Welcome to Twofer Mom!

Just curious - which font is YOU?