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Twins get a Trip to American Girl Place in New York City

Last week was Spring Break in these parts and y'all know I'm not one to stick around and do crafts all week unless I have to.

So, I packed up The Twofer and headed up to Grandma's for a few days and with good reason. Their cousin had given them each an American Girl gift card at Christmas so this was a perfect time to use them.

Except that it wasn't perfect.

Because it was Good Friday.

What crazy persons go into NYC on Good Friday AND go to the American Girl store? Well the very same crazy people that head into NYC the day after Christmas!

But when you look at these photos and see the smiles you'll see that we might be a little crazy, but it's worth it!

I'm ready for some shopping with my girls!

TwoferMom and the Twofer enjoying some girl time

You can't begin to imagine the choices we faced. So much so, that we had to take a break in a quiet corner so Em could make up her mind!

Wall of clothing choices at American Girl


Em eyeing up the shoes instead of the camera

Two kisses for Grandma

Thank you Grandma!

Smiles and a big bag of loot!

El saw one of the dolls posed with this violin set and she just stared and stared. I asked her what she was looking at and she said, "Mommy, look! It's soooo beautiful!" You just never know what will catch a child's eye.

El with the most surprising must-have of the day

I'm curious, anyone else surprised by what you child has fallen in love with?



My summer reading list will be filled with twins

I was at the library book sale a few weeks ago when I picked up a Wally Lamb book (I Know This Much Is True) that is not only huge in size (I was feeling ambitious), but it's about twin brothers.

Then a friend of mine told me about a new book her friend wrote (The Opposite of Me) and I jumped on her "Spike Day" and pre-ordered the book without actually knowing what it was about. It happens to be about twin sisters!

That got me thinking.

What other cool fiction books are about twins?  It seems like there are lots!

Here are a few I found through browsing my libarary, Amazon, and by asking around on Twitter (note my cool Amazon store):



So, have you read any good books (fiction please) about twins that I can add to my list? Please add any and all recommendations in a comment and I will love you forever. Or not depending on how I like the book.



Fashionista Friday - Twinkle Toes are Not Just for Dancing

My Mom was in town visiting and a tradition she has started is taking the Twofer shoe shopping.

Whenever they need new sneakers, Grandma loves to go


better yet


This year El ran right up to the table with all the blingity bling on it. The table had a sign on it that said Twinkle Toes which makes you think of dance shoes, right?


This table was covered with sparkly sneakers.

And she had her heart set on a certain pair that are high-tops.

And a certain color.

Bad hair day...but fabulous shoes!

And her enthusiasm alone convinced her twin sister that she MUST have the same pair.

I argued they aren't practical for sneakers, it's the middle of winter, they will grow out of them before Spring when they can really wear them and enjoy them....

And Grandma said, "Oh let them get them! What do you care? I'm paying for them."

purple high top sneakers with bling

And all was good.


Link it up ladies!


The Twofer are a little star-struck with Lisa from Milkshake

We recently had the opportunity to see a few members of Milkshake play and it was up close and personal.

Dacning to Milkshake band

We're sitting on the floor of a cafeteria type room at a local community center or something. (Totally fine, tickets were only like $8 for each of us.)

volunteer moms and dads helping Milkshake

We get there about 15 minutes before show time and Lisa (vocals) is setting up the equipment when the girls see her and squeel,

"Look Mommy! There she is!"

So I say, "Let's go up and introduce ourselves."

Twofer, "NO!!!!!"

(I imagine the internal dialogue to be more like, "Are you crazy mom! She's a rock star and obviously very busy. Don't bother her with your lowly self.")

So then I say, "We have a mutual friend. I'm going to go up and introduce myself. You two can say here if you want", at which point I go up and say,

"Hi Lisa! I'm a blogger and we have a mutual friend, her name on Twitter?" (doh! {smacks head} I've forgotten the mutual friend's name and the Twofer are soooo right I should just sit my lame butt down but no, I have to clear myself here.)

"Um, I mean....I can't believe I've totally forgotten her real name!"

at which point Lisa nicely points out, "Oh! You mean Nancy? I love Nancy!"

Me, "YES! Nancy. Anyway, she introduced me to you guys and I did a review and giveaway on my blog for your last CD/DVD and my kids are completely star struck (nice mom, deflect awkward moment onto the children) and won't even come up to say Hi to you"

I'm sure Lisa is wondering why I didn't just listen to my kids but she's sooo nice she just smiles and asks me my blog and we talk briefly about Twitter and I sit down cause she's got wires and props going all about and really...I should have just asked her if she needed any help.

She is so nice, she paused to take a picture with the Twofer after the show:

Lisa from Milkshake and the Twofer

To hear some of Milkshake's music and see if your kids dance go HERE. And check out their new album, Great Day . If you are on Twitter follow MilkshakeBand and if you are on Facebook you can become their fan.


Disclosure: there's nothing to disclose. I purchased the Milkshake tickets myself. Milkshake had nothing to do with the post other than make music my kids love. The did not review this post prior to publishing.


Packing for optional (Twincident #148)

No, we aren't going to a nudist camp. We aren't even going to California. But the Twofer their own mind anyway (ahem, going to California not a nudist camp, sheesh!).

Play Travel is Serious Business

The Twofer got their own little wheeled suitcases for Christmas from my mother-in-law and so far they have really enjoyed going nowhere but pretending they are going everywhere. The latest trip took them to California, via train (the guest bedroom).

When the Mister told me what they had each packed realized I have two very sensible girls who definitely have their own, very different priorities. You can tell a lot about a girl from looking into her suitcase.

Little Girl Suitcase

El packed:



writing journal/sketch book

more books

hairbrush (this is particularly cute since she has curly hair and we never use a brush on it except when it's wet)

Em packed

2 handbags




her wallet

and MY book The 100 - A Guide to Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own by Nina Garcia

NOTE: It seems it's no coincidence Em got the suitcase above with the Paris theme.

One can only assume they plan to buy all the clothes for the week once they get there. Or hit the laundromat. I didn't ask.

What do your kids pack when they are taking a pretend trip?