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Outdoor Summer Toys and Games for Twins

I was recently checking out Amazon's collection of summer toys and decided we could use a few things to get us through the hot, sticky summer. Here are a few items that area perfect for families with multiples!


Water Shooters - Summer just isn't a party until someone gets their eye shot out....with water. These Super Soakers come in a Twin Pack for just $16.99



Double Slip ‘N Slide - simply put, it's more fun to race while you are sliding. This Slip n Slide has two lanes so there isn't any arguing over who gets to go first. Just GO!

Toobeez Ez - fort - A great summer twin activity is building a fort because they use creativity and teamwork rather than arguing skills. Toobeez are fantastic for inside and outside fort building. Plus, Toobeez can be used to build things you can use when you play with other toys like a house for dolls, a tunnel for cars and more. You might want to double-up on the Toobeez pack though for extra building material that will make larger projects possible.

 My Little Sandbox sets - OK, so these are just about the cutest things ever...themed table-top sandboxes that come complete with toys! Twins could totally survive sharing one but I'd love for each to have their own. That way they can share the toys but have the box and sand to themselves. You can choose from truck, dinosaur, and farm sets to mermaid and beach sets.

Have you found some great summer toys?



Balancing act with twins goes far beyond balacing those infant car seats 

It's tough carrying two infant car seats. One is usually heavier than the other or swings awkwardly around and hits your leg.

It's also tough to balance the feeding/eating/napping schedule of newborn twins...actually that also applies to toddler twins too come to think of it.

As they get older, it can be tough to balance the needs of twins in school, in sports, or even what they need emotionally from you at any given time. 

Most recently we're trying to balance celebrating the success of one twin without discouraging the other.

I know all parents have to deal with this at some point where the older child might always be a better student, etc. But can you imagine being compared to your sibling every day on the exact same projects at the same time?

Luckily they both have strenths in something. It's just that this time El's artistic ability has take her farther... and farther.

Her artwork was chosen to be at a show in a local mall. It was displayed along with other art from kids in her school and in a collection of fantastic art from schools all over the county.

We went and took a picture of her and her "kitty in the city".

Kitty in the City

That yellow dot? Yea that means something.

We had no idea at the time but El's piece was one of only 20 to be chosen to tour the county for the next year! It's quite an honor and while we don't get to see kitty again until Spring of 2011, she was happy to let it be a part of the tour.

Em was gracious. She stood by her sister and smiled and took a photo with her. But I know it was hard.

When the note came home from the art teacher she praised both girls (thankfully that has happened before) and I read that part aloud. I was going to stop there and read the rest of the details to El later, and thus spare Em from having to hear just how fabulous her sister's artwork is. But she wanted to hear it.

She insisted.

She is learning to share that pride.

I'm so proud of them both.



Twincident #151 - Sometimes I am humbled...

Twincidents are not all bad. Sometimes The Twofer surprise me with a twincident that is good. Shockingly, print-it-out-and-forward-it-to-grandma good.

This one came in the form of an email from one of their teacher's at school.

I am proud.

I am humbled.

I'm in no way fooling myself that this will last.

But I'm going to enjoy it while it's here.

Hello Mrs. & Mrs.,

Congratulations on the wonderful work and attitude your girls have in (insert subject).  I can always count on them to be interested, motivated, super learners and excellent examples to others.

I wonder if the teacher ever tells them this directly?

Because this serves as a good reminder for me to tell them I know when they've done something right as much as when I tell them I know they did something wrong.



Twincident #150 A short list of things my twins have ridden down the hill

El demonstrates how to use your feet as brakes

Disclaimer....if you are a kid (under 18) or an adult who is feeling like a kid, do not try this at home. Also, I did not OK these acts of genius, but sharing it might help other parents of twins.

1. Toddler push car with both of them crammed into one seat

2. Radio Flyer Tricycle with only 2 working wheels: one sitting facing forward, the other facing backward

3. Razor Scooters with the handle bars lowered all the way down and they placed their helmets on the foot pad as a seat

4. Tonka Dump Truck

5. An office chair

Here's how it happens...all of it. One of them gets the idea to do it. She probably knows it's not a good idea. As a gut check she asks her sister. Who thinks it's a GREAT idea! A fabulous idea! So together they make it happen.

Isn't that how the movie Jackass got made?



Late, as usual but I Love me some Ultimate Blog Party!

I'm a fan of Janice and Susan for many reasons not the least of which is that I have twins myself, and I hope to pick their brains for help as mine are on the edge of tweendom.

But that's another blog post.

This here's all about meeting some new folks so if you're here for...


If you're no, go away.

Kidding! Read on and you might learn something new about me.

Here are 3 things abou moi:

1. My name is Janine and I sign my posts that way but most people know me as Twincident which is my twitter name.

2. I have twin girls, The Twofer, who will be 7 in May

My Twins with the Disney twins, Chip and Dale

3. I many neuroses including those relating to public toilets, dealing with girl drama, and accpeting the fact that my kids with either be in a 12-step program or therapy when they get older.

And here are 3 things you might want to check out on my blog:

1. Fashionista Fridays - this is about all things fashionable to a little girl, and sometime for grown-up girls (like me). I sometimes forget to do a link but if you ever write about fashion on Fridays let me know if a comment and I'll add a linky next week and ping you to link up!

2. I often do Reviews and Giveaways because I have always been mouthy when it comes to telling my friends about products I like and, well, it brings me traffic. Look, I'm not the most fabulous writer, I know that, but this blog really started as an easier way to share the latest "twincident" with my friends and family instead of the mile-long email method I had been using. Also, I have several other jobs like Buzz Cooperative (which you should check out if you are a blogger).

3. I am participating in the Lose the Laptop campaign and am totally willing to BUY VOTES! OK, I'm not sure how I would do that but if you vote for me (you have to register but I hear it's easy peasy), let me know here in a comment and I will at least come by your blog and comment and thank you and follow you on twitter and be your best friend and invite you to my birthday party...

That's it. Nice to meet you! Of course, you didn't get a word in edge-wise but I'm going to shut up now and go do some blog hopping.