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Do as I say, not as I do

The other day the Twofer were playing around and wrote a bunch of letters and delivered them to The Mister and myself.

Here's one I found particularly frightening amusing...

Here's a translation in the event you can't read her chicken scratch that she gets from her father handwriting:

Hello Janine,

How is twitter going so far

it is going good for me. Anyways

my taxes are going crazy I

have them all over my floor

really it is a mess. Also I wish

you an happy and unforgetable

Easter! Love, Linda

As I've learned, there's nothing better to reveal your defects of character than having a child.

Has this ever happened to you?


PS: Not correcting the punctuation and grammar is killing me.


Packing for optional (Twincident #148)

No, we aren't going to a nudist camp. We aren't even going to California. But the Twofer their own mind anyway (ahem, going to California not a nudist camp, sheesh!).

Play Travel is Serious Business

The Twofer got their own little wheeled suitcases for Christmas from my mother-in-law and so far they have really enjoyed going nowhere but pretending they are going everywhere. The latest trip took them to California, via train (the guest bedroom).

When the Mister told me what they had each packed realized I have two very sensible girls who definitely have their own, very different priorities. You can tell a lot about a girl from looking into her suitcase.

Little Girl Suitcase

El packed:



writing journal/sketch book

more books

hairbrush (this is particularly cute since she has curly hair and we never use a brush on it except when it's wet)

Em packed

2 handbags




her wallet

and MY book The 100 - A Guide to Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own by Nina Garcia

NOTE: It seems it's no coincidence Em got the suitcase above with the Paris theme.

One can only assume they plan to buy all the clothes for the week once they get there. Or hit the laundromat. I didn't ask.

What do your kids pack when they are taking a pretend trip?


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