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Twincident #154 The Day the TV Introduced Mesothelioma

Have you heard the mesothelioma commercials on TV?

Of course you have. Everyone has. They are running day and night on just about every channel. Including channels The Twofer often watch.

Wait, let me clarify - it's not that they watch TV often, it's that when they do watch TV it's the same 4 channels. And all 4 channels have a variety of mesothelioma commercials.

What a fun word! Mesothelioma

The past few days as the girls are playing I keep hearing them say, "mesothelioma". I think they said "meslothoma" or "meeleeomia" but I knew exactly what they were trying to say and, dumb me, corrected them.

Twincident Lesson - never correct them when they say swear words or diseases wrong. It will only come back to haunt you

They are playing with their Barbies and the mom is named...Mesothelioma

One last remaining ingredient for the mud pie is...mesothelioma

This morning Em is really tired because she has...mesothelioma

Have I told them what mesothelioma is?

Yes, they know it's a type of cancer. They know both grandfathers died of cancer. Now, try explaining cancer to them. Then try to get them to stop saying a word when, for all intents and purposes, isn't a bad word. It's the name of a bad thing, but the word itself isn't insulting to anyone.

When I took french I used to love the word for grapefruit: le pomplemousse

What new word is floating around your home?


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Twincident #153 Quiet Morning Ritual


Twincident #153 A Quiet Morning Ritual

image via FindStuff22 on Photobucket

This morning I woke up at the un-holy hour of 5:30 am and could not get back to sleep. So, I got up and decided to tackle some of the To Dos that were racing through my mind.

I got the coffee made, filled and ran the dishwasher, straightened up the kitchen, and then I heard them.

Quietly chatting and giggling.

It was still early, around 6:30 am but they were up.

And they were so friggin cute.

And they were talking about food!

Tacos, and salad and other stuff.

I realized they were telling each other the silly dreams they had just woken up from.

I realized I didn't want to start on my To Do list.

I realized maybe there was a reason I woke up so early.

So I sat on the floor in the darkened room and sipped my coffee and made them start over from the beginning.


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Twincident #152 El-and-Em-isms

I need to write these down here before I forget.

This is the stuff that you forget to put in the baby book but that they'll LOVE to hear when they get older.

I was chatting with El and Em after school a few weeks ago and, as usual, they often talk over each other. We've been working on it. I try to remind them to let the other one talk but Em has a tendancy to go on, and on, and on, and on. El gets worried her sister is going to tell the whole story so she jumps in.

This time, however, it was El taking her sweet old time telling me a story and Em got sick of waiting and started taking over to which El said,

"Em stop interrupting me!"

Em, "I'm not interrupting you I'm just trying to talk while you're talking!"



Then this week the girls were being silly and one of them got scratched by the other one's toenail (don't judge...we groom but those toe nails grow fast!) and then both were yelling and finally I said to El,

"Girls enough!"

El gets all sad faced because even though I saw "girls" I'm looking at her.

I turn away and hear,

"Cut it out! You're being mean and smiling at me!"



Since when is it mean to smile at someone?

Well, when it's your twin sister who is gloating that she isn't the one to have received the look.

Don't worry. She got the look after that.

And then we put a bandaid on the toenail scratch.

Just another day....



Twincident #151 - Sometimes I am humbled...

Twincidents are not all bad. Sometimes The Twofer surprise me with a twincident that is good. Shockingly, print-it-out-and-forward-it-to-grandma good.

This one came in the form of an email from one of their teacher's at school.

I am proud.

I am humbled.

I'm in no way fooling myself that this will last.

But I'm going to enjoy it while it's here.

Hello Mrs. & Mrs.,

Congratulations on the wonderful work and attitude your girls have in (insert subject).  I can always count on them to be interested, motivated, super learners and excellent examples to others.

I wonder if the teacher ever tells them this directly?

Because this serves as a good reminder for me to tell them I know when they've done something right as much as when I tell them I know they did something wrong.



Twincident #150 A short list of things my twins have ridden down the hill

El demonstrates how to use your feet as brakes

Disclaimer....if you are a kid (under 18) or an adult who is feeling like a kid, do not try this at home. Also, I did not OK these acts of genius, but sharing it might help other parents of twins.

1. Toddler push car with both of them crammed into one seat

2. Radio Flyer Tricycle with only 2 working wheels: one sitting facing forward, the other facing backward

3. Razor Scooters with the handle bars lowered all the way down and they placed their helmets on the foot pad as a seat

4. Tonka Dump Truck

5. An office chair

Here's how it happens...all of it. One of them gets the idea to do it. She probably knows it's not a good idea. As a gut check she asks her sister. Who thinks it's a GREAT idea! A fabulous idea! So together they make it happen.

Isn't that how the movie Jackass got made?