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Subway Fresh Fit - Twofer Thumbs Up for Great Taste and Healthy Options

I became a fan of Subway years ago when I realized how much better I felt eating a Subway sub on our long road trips instead of our usual fast food. The other fast food filled with empty calories left me feeling thirsty, icky, and hungry again after an hour.

But Subway has all the option I love, wheat bread, low-fat meats, tons of veggies, and they make it to my specifications...light mayo, extra cucumbers, etc.

Now Subway has Fresh Fit for Kids giving them ONLY healthy optons

The Fresh Fit for Kids are 3-inch sandwiches with one whole serving of veggies. Sliced apples are the only side offered and equal one serving of fruit. Soda is not an option, only low-fat milk, water or juice. These meals make it easy for moms and dads to show their kids a better way to eat. For me, I belive that if you offer kids healthy options, they will make healthy choices.

Subway was healthy before it was 'Cool'.

Recently I was invited to a Subway Fresh Fit Friday gathering with a few other local mom bloggers where we sampled Subway sandwiches filled with low-fat meats and tons of veggies. I also learned that the Subway menu hasn't changed much since it began in 1965. The Subway concept has always rejected conveyor belts and fryers, but it HAS included an oven to bake fresh bread, and a counter full of fresh veggies for sandwiches that are made in front of you, and made to order.

Obviously, the founders of Subway knew that if they gave people healthy options, people would make healthy choices...and love it.

Craving a turkey sub,


Lunch for Fresh Fit Friday

provided by Subway

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