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Enter to win A Year of Discovery Store Toys Worth Over $500!

I've been sitting on this for a few weeks but I'm so happy to finally announce that I'm one of three lucky bloggers participating in the

Discovery Store Toys for a Year Giveaway


I know! How fun is this going to be?

Click on that little red "Enter Now" button for your chance to win 12 fabulous Discovery Store toys! Three winners will be randomly selected so you have three chances to win! But hurry! You only have 2 weeks to enter because the contest ends November 20, 2010.

What You Can Win from Discovery Store

For the next two weeks I'll be reviewing all of the toys in the prize package to help you virtually shop for every kid on your list! Browse just some of the toys below, then check back for the reviews. But remember the contest only runs from November 7th - 20th.

Family Bingo

My Discovery World Interactive Map

Sticker Maker

Discovery FRS Walkie Talkie Watch Set

Techno Gears Marble Mania Extreme

Discovery Interactive Smart Globe SE18

 Spark Talking Microscope

High Tech Rock Tumbler

Primary Science Set 

NASA Space Play Set

4-D Tree Frog Puzzle

My Web Remote Control Iron Eagle Helicopter

Discovery Store toys make great gifts for boys or girls. They offer a fun way to learn about science, geogrphy, and more. And I know a few dads who have been known to hog a remote controlled helicopter. You see those Walkie Talkie watches? How perfect would those be for the beach, the mall, or your next trip to Disney? I might keep those for myself!

Giveaway ends 11/20/10 and three winners will be randomly selected and notified the following week. See contest page for more details.

Enter now and don't forget to tell me if you win!

Good luck,


Disclosure: I received the Toys for a Year prize pack from Discovery Store for purposes to review the toys in upcoming posts and as a thank you for promoting the contest. All opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published.


Fashion Friday - Fashion Games for the Fashionista in your Family

You know what they say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Instead of rolling my eyes at Em's love of fashion, I've decided to embrace it. I've discovered all kinds of great toys that will help bring out the creativity, but also offer discussion about the clothes WE think look good on little girls. Together we'll navigate the shelves and hangers in the clothing store, and fashion games are a great way to start.

Klutz My Style Studio

Trace designs onto your model and color them in so you can choose the colors, styles, and more.


Imagine Fashion Designer for the Nintendo DS

 The Twofer each got a DS for their birthday and I have a new appreciation for the DS games. In this one, you can design an entire line of clothing and style your model's hair, makeup and accessories. O.M.G.!


Magnetic Fashions Update the Old School Paper Doll

Sugar and Spice comes with two dolls, 9 play scenes, and tons of magnetic clothing for hours of fashion fun. This set would be great for travel!


Have you found some fun ways to embrace your child's interests?


Disclosure: affiliate links may generate commission if a purchase is made through the link.


Fashionista Friday - young designers can get creative with Harumika

Santa was really on top of things this year and found the greatest gift for budding fashionistas...Harumika .

Harumika Design Dress Forms are big on fashion but the perfect gift for a small budget

Harumika comes with a small plastic dress form, fabric swatches, and even some accessories. The dress form has a slit in the back with rubber edges so when you press the fabric into the slit it stays. I'm sure that when Santa eyed this toy he knew it would be fun for the Twofer....and me.

Here are a few designs:


And this was one of Em's:


Expand your Harumika Wardrobe

It didn't take long for the girls to start asking about new 'outfits'. I realized I had a whole bag of fabric leftover from my more creative/ ambitious/ maternal days of sewing. I might think about getting another dress form and hitting the fabric store for some cord and other items we can use as belts, etc.

Want your own Harumika?

Let me know which one you buy and let's compare designs...I mean the ones our KIDS create ;).


Note: Santa delivered this product and paid for it himself. Any opinions about Harumika are my own and no one at Harumika or their PR company reviewed this prior to posting. And to be perfectly honest, I'm not even sure this review will rank high enough in their Google Alerts to even show up so they may never know what a fan of their product I really am. And if they are listening...feel free to contact me!

LINK UP your Fashion Friday post!


Twincident #144...they try to burn the house down

Full disclosure:
1) I have not really kept track of every Twincident. I started this blog way too late in their lives and I had to start somewhere. (I like the number 4 and I know there have been more than 100 over the past 5 years and so I'm starting here with #144. Some day I'll count back to 1 and list all the other twincidents.)

2) In case you haven't noticed, I can be a little dramatic...they weren't actually trying to burn the house down. But that doesn't mean they couldn't have done it!

It all started with 2 brand new matching Penguin Webkinz, given to them by a friend of mine (who is also very understanding and will not at all mind finding out about her gift by reading it in this blog).

The Twofer wanted to warm up one of their chilly little friends and decided the top of the light in their room would be just great! So there Fluffy sat...for what I can only guess is at least 2 hours. When they remembered he was on there and pulled him off, a little patch of fur stuck to the bulb and Fluffy felt like a loaf a bread just out of the oven!

Fluffy and the lightbulb

Thankfully Fluffy wasn't left long enough to ignite, and after a real ScaryMom moment in which my voice shrilled high enough to attract the neighborhood dogs, we all learned a lesson. I will remember to do a quick walk-through the house before leaving for the day to turn all lights off. And the Twofer will not experiment with anything they even think might be hot, or electrical.

This Twincident is dedicated to GrandpaScary who is also our Guardian Angel and has saved the Twofer and our family from certain disaster over the years. It is also dedicated to Great-GrandmaScary who insisted I learn how to sew and thus is responsible for Fluffy's repair job that I will perform later in the week.



Goodbye Rainbow Diamond, Hello Marie?

It is with great sadness we say goodbye to old friends who have carried us through 2 years of dress-up, dollhouse, librarian, teacher, and a host of other imaginary games. I am, of course, referring to the familiar names L & M used for any number of characters that were involved in these games.

I could always play along knowing one of the characters would be named Rainbow Diamond, Alina, Belle, Princess or Trasha (that last one was always a mystery for me).

But now on the eve of their 5th birthday, the girls have received their very first Webkinz and chosen the names Azora, Lina, Angela and Marie. OK, so 2 of the 4 remind me of the old days but the thing is, they are BRAND NEW names. Where’s Rainbow Diamond?
Apparently, we have outgrown her and the others. We’ve been introduced to newer, cooler sounding names, and a new, virtual world in which to play with them (but only for 15 minutes each after we’ve emptied the dishwasher).

Funny, it’s like the feeling I had when they were a year old. I just couldn’t picture life without a single Fisher Price toy. And yet, they have all seemed to disappear. Who knew there would one day be a world without Trasha or Rainbow Diamond?

Hmmm, Trasha – maybe growing up isn't so bad.