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Happy Haloween! Happy Anniversary! 

Halloween around these parts means a whole lot of ....




Eating Chili


I was a judge at the neighborhood chili cookoff. Tough job but somebody has to do it.








And of course, Mummy Making


Happy Halloween and Happy 13th Anniversary to Me and The Mister!


I Don't Like Baseball but...

Here’s why I’m not a big fan of baseball

image of Otto the Orange via Wikipedia

That funny creature is the Syracuse University mascot, Otto the Orangeman. His rounded figure brings back memories for me of a game that is loud, squeaky, exciting, and most importantly, FAST PACED.
That game is basketball.

It’s very hard for someone who’s fallen in love with college basketball to settle into a game where there’s a stretch….A STRETCH for the fans at the 7th inning.

That said, I don’t like baseball but…

Minor League Baseball may change that.

Recently The Mister took it upon himself to plan a ‘family night’ as we call it around these parts. His surprise?

Frederick Keys Baseball Game

We have heard from other families in our neighborhood [link to other article] who went to a minor league baseball game like the Frederick Keys and the Bowie Baysox, and raved about it. (In case you didn’t know, the Washington, DC and Baltimore area is BIG on baseball. Did you know crowds here scream out “O!”  for Orioles when it comes to the part, “O say does that star spangled..” during the National Anthem?)

What makes it so much fun?

Good seats for cheap

You can get up close and personal to the action and not empty your wallet doing so. I think our upgraded tickets were maybe $15 each. General admission was only $8 I think. We were close enough to hear the sharp crack of the bat and see the dirt fly as players slid into first base.

Silly Games

Spin around the bat game!

Apparently this is a thing minor league games are known for. During various breaks in the game, they have fans come out and participate in silly races like see who can make a giant hamburger in the shortest amount of time, or spin around with your head on a baseball bat and then try and ‘golf’. That last one always cracks me up as the participants run sideways and in this case, ended up in the dugout!

Kids are VIPs

At the Frederick Keys stadium there is an entire area devoted to kids with a carousel, moon bounces, and carnival games. Sure, it all costs a little extra but we’re talking $1.00 for each or you can give in and by a booklet of tickets for maybe $10.

Not only that, at the end of the game kids are encouraged to ‘run the bases’ so they can feel what it’s like to get out onto the diamond and under the bright lights just like the players.
[photo of girls running bases]

I imagine there is at least one kid in every car talking about growing up to be a baseball player on the ride home after each game.

All of this first-class kid treatment leads up to the finale…


Yes, real 4th of July type fireworks afterward. I don’t think this happens every game and I don’t know if other minor league games have them, but the Frederick Keys do!

The season is basically over but for more information visit the Frederick Keys page of the MiLB website and to find a minor league team in your area visit


Snow Removal #FAIL

Yes it's almost April but every day I am, and probably will continue to be, reminded of the snow we had this winter.

You see The Mister tried to do the good-homeowner thing and spare our dying birch tree by knocking off the snow. The poor thing was struggling under the weight of the snow and bent so far over our driveway he was afraid the branches would snap.

So he took a broom and tossed it up into the tree to knock off the snow.

Then he tossed a rake.

Why? Because the broom never came back down.

Neither did the rake.

Let's play that fun game I used to love in the Highlights For Children , "Hidden Pictures ", where you look for a list of objects hidden in the image:


Can you find the rake and the broom?



Yes, still there and they are about 30 feet off the ground...until next winter when a big snow storm might bring those branches back down to within reach.

For more Hidden Pictures fun you can also check out the iPhone app!


Disclosure: some links are affiliate links


A Very Important Lesson from a Surprising Source...Dad

This Christmas brought with it some surprises. One being that I'm not the only one a little neurotic when it comes to raising girls.
It seems The Mister was moved by something he saw in a catalogue.
He was so moved he decided to give it to the girls as a life lesson.
He wrapped up that lesson, tied it with a bow, and gave it to each of them for Christmas Eve.



What other lessons can we share to help our girls be ok with who they are?



Fashion Friday - Don't play with mommy's Choos

The twins love to play dress up in my closet. They love the handbags, the scarves, and Em especially loves my shoes. Here's what the floor of my closet looks like after she is done:



But there is one pair of shoes that are off limits and apparently even The Mister knows this.

Me, whining... "Ohhhhh - Emmmmm! Can you please put my shoes back when you are done with them!"

Em, "I'm sorry mommy!"

Me, "Oh nooo - not my Jimmy Choos."

To my shock and surprize I hear from The Mister,

"Jimmy Choo?!?! You have Jimmy Choo shoes?? Em you are not allowed to play with those shoes!"

Me after picking my jaw up off the floor, "YOU know Jimmy Choo?"

The Mister, "Everyone knows Jimmy Choo! When did you get those??"

Jimmy Choo shoes

The Mister - football loving, fashion hater who broke into a sweat when I brought home an orange shirt (he's never branched out beyond navy, white, green and grey). This man knows Jimmy Choo?

Everyone. Knows. Jimmy Choo.

But not everyone can wear my Choos.