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Fashion Friday - Tweeting with Liz Lange who made Maternity Wear Cool

Maternity Clothes

Just the word maternity used to make women cringe.

Those enormous Peter Pan collars.

The expanding waistline that is so counter to what our society deems 'sexy' and 'feminine'.

The Winnie-the-Pooh diaper bags that scream "MOMMY" almost as loud as a 3 year old

Enter Liz Lange

Liz Lange changed what we thought of when we hear maternity.

Now we think...

fitted and more flattering styles that show off our pregnant assets

 image via Liz Lange on Target

We think of diaper bags that generate a {gasp} of jealousy from other playgroup moms, and never an eyeroll at work.

 image via Liz Lange

And thanks to Liz Lange and Target, we can all think affordable and we don't have to sweat blowing the child's 529 on materinity wear!

But the best part about Liz Lange is that she is, admittedly, my new BFF on Twitter!


She is also very sweet.

Here are what a few others had to say when they found out our galpal Liz was on Twitter:

"Pardon me while I go all fangirl. @ I wore your clothes every day of my second pregnancy. Thank you for transforming maternity wear!" - @whymommy

"@whymommy @twincident So funny! I'm wearing a @lizlange maternity top AND jeans today. The jeans are better than Old Navy's maternity wear!" - @poobou

So, go forth and get pregnant and be fashionable my friends! And follow Liz Lange on Twitter for sure. And a special thanks to my friend Julia (@JSBagain) of Forty-Weeks for without her tweet about Liz being on Twitter, I would never have had this experience (or blog post).


Disclosure: I received nothing in exchage from this post other than the joy of engaging with a fashionable mom who changed maternity wear for-evah! I have no connection to Liz Lange or Target except respect. There aren't even any affiliate links in this post!