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Storytime with the Twofer - Week2

Bare with me as I fine-tune my camera & editing skills. I considered another take, but this one is so genuine with all the interruptions and mistakes, I decided to leave it as-is. Plus, you get a good sense of the twin competition that is just something we live

The Girl Who Loved Nature

If you liked the book, please leave M comments below and she'll read them tonight and respond (if necessary).

Now back to working on my video skills,


Storytime with the Twofer - a new weekly feature!

Grab your little ones, get comfy and enjoy storytime...Twofer-style

For a few months now the girls have been doing lots of reading, and more recently, lots of writing. I am constantly spelling. Seriously, I spell Mr. has done his fair share as well. Sometimes we just tell them to try and sound it out, but we aren't sure if a 5 year old who can read is supposed to be able to spell - isn't it a different skill?

I digress -

All of this has lead to the production of books. Lots, and lots of books. It has also nearly wiped out our supply of printer paper and staples (mental note: teach them to type & save some trees). Some of the stories actually have a beginning, middle and end. Some have a little unexpected twist.

I decided to capture them reading their stories on my Flip Video and decided to make Storytime with the Twofer a weekly feature.

So let's get started! First ever Storytime with the Twofer.

What was your favorite part of the story?

(Do you have a book you'd like us to feature on Storytime? Email Janine at scarytwins [at] yahoo [dot] com

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