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Is Your Child Having Trouble Staying Asleep? Knock them Out!

How to help your child fall and stay asleep

One could interpret the term "Knock them out" several different ways. Some people might think I'm referring to some kind of corporal punishment - I AM NOT.

Some people immediately think - "Oh, drug them!"


I AM referring to my favorite Knock Knock Good Night Playtime Note Pad that has helped my kids in the past to fall asleep, and stay asleep with good dreams.

Every once in a while a friend complains that their child is either having trouble falling asleep, or is waking up in the middle of the night with nightmares. This will be my officla go-to link from now on because I've referred these note pads on several occasions.

For one, I LOVE that they prompt kids to look back at their day. Then they are prompted to think about what they want to dream about AND how they envision the next day is going to turn out. I always feel like if you think positive, it will be positive. Or at least you'll go to bed thinking it will be and you'll get a better night's sleep!

Make Your Own or Buy Knock Knock

Try this - encourge your child to keep a journal next to their bed and each night you can sit with them and ask them certain prompts. You can use the Knock Knock prompts, or try some of your own. The key is to help get them set up for a good night of sleep so keep it light and positive.

Want to buy the pre-made note pads?

You can find Knock Knock Good Night Note Pads at

Sweet dreams!



Disclosure: I'm not working with Knock Knock in any way, but some links are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.


Twincident #158 Sleeping Alone

I'm not sure if it's an age thing, or a vacation thing, or what but Em asked to sleep in a separate room last night.

She wanted her space, I get that.

She wanted to put her clothes away in a dresser and straighten up...I get that.

She didn't want to bump into someone in the same bed, I get that too.

What I didn't 'get' was the significance of what she was asking.

It wasn't until bedtime when El was looking REALLY sad and said,

"Why does Em want to sleep in another room from me?"

that it dawned on me..

They have NEVER slept all alone in a room at night. EVER.

To most people this is nothing.

But to a twin who has shared a room every single night of her life?

This is a milestone.

Good thing we hit this milestone at the beach where the sun and fresh air and activity wiped everyone out. They both slept soundly.


Twincident #153 A Quiet Morning Ritual

image via FindStuff22 on Photobucket

This morning I woke up at the un-holy hour of 5:30 am and could not get back to sleep. So, I got up and decided to tackle some of the To Dos that were racing through my mind.

I got the coffee made, filled and ran the dishwasher, straightened up the kitchen, and then I heard them.

Quietly chatting and giggling.

It was still early, around 6:30 am but they were up.

And they were so friggin cute.

And they were talking about food!

Tacos, and salad and other stuff.

I realized they were telling each other the silly dreams they had just woken up from.

I realized I didn't want to start on my To Do list.

I realized maybe there was a reason I woke up so early.

So I sat on the floor in the darkened room and sipped my coffee and made them start over from the beginning.


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Another milestone - I can sleep in!

This has been going on for a few months now but it just dawned on me that it truly is another milestone.

This weekend I did not wake up until 8:30am. This is sleeping in for me. I had heard the girls awake at the ungodly hour of 6:30 am but then I somehow fell back asleep. They had gone downstairs and turned the TV on.

Motorola TV Ad 1951
Motorola TV Ad Photo Credit: MS Blue Sky via Flickr

I know we participated in Turn Off TV Week and for the most part we don't watch TV during the week. At this point, I'll take an extra 2 hours of sleep while they cram all of their TV watching into a Saturday morning.

Have I made a deal with the Devil? No! It's TV. It's what kids are supposed to do on a Saturday morning. I did it. YOU did it. We survived...we even prospered some of us. And we had much happier parents because of it.

More importantly, I am a much better parent getting those extra 2 hours of sleep.

Reaching this kind of milestone only reminds me why I do not want to have another baby (or two). I can't go back to the newborn sleepless nights. I can't. I can't and I won't. And so what begins as a milestone for the Twofer, is also a milestone for me and my uterus.

And I'm ok with that.


Despite the car, I'm still Trying to Let it Go Tuesday

How ironic that one of my worst days is a Tuesday - the one day I'm trying to conciously Let It Go. Ha!
Oh well, here's my best effort:

1) The fact that I am soooooo overly tired and simply can't sleep. Take an Ambien and Let it gooooooo.

2) The mountain of laundry I have to do sometime between tomorrow and Thursday morning. Let it goooooo.

3) My hair, it's greyness, and the fact the people have started asking me where my twins get their red, FROM ME!??!?! Let it gooooooo. (I'll make an appointment next week.)

So there. What are you letting go of?