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Fashion Friday - Slippers You Might Never Take Off Your Feet

When you think of slippers you don't always think fashion.

Sure, the days I work from home you can find me in sweats and slippers. It's what is most comfortable and, more importantly, warm. They say when your feet are warm, you are warm. I say the same goes for feet that are fashionable. When your shoes look good, you look good...even in sweatpants.

So, for those that say slippers can't be fashionable, I found a few pairs that just might challenge that notion.

Patricia Green Sunday slipper

Simple, elegant, and filled with cozy wool fleece


ACORN Marlow Moc

Red, boiled wool oozes warmth. Plus, how cute would these look with skinny jeans and that Fresh Produce cardigan I'm giving away?


Cole Hann Katelyn Slipper

These are great in plain black or brown but I fell in love with them in the leopard print.


Stubbs and Wootton

Preppy? Try the Tassel Grey

Or a little Rock and Roll...

Take your pick, but with these slippers you can't go wrong.

Just remember to take them off before you head out to pick up your kids from school!


Disclosure: some links are affiliate links


Fashion Friday - Goodbye Summer Shoes including the Jimmy Choos

A few weeks ago I told you how surprised I was that The Mister actually knew what Jimmy Choo shoes were. Everyone wanted to know what was in that box! So, I've decided to show you in a quick post that also highlights the shoes I love to wear all summer long. (Relax boys, it's only 3 pairs so you can get through this post).

The Choos

My Jimmy Choos


These are hand-died slip-ons with a kitten heel and I love them. They are comfy, unique, colorful, and fun.

The flipflops

flip flops from Bali?

These I found at the Jersey Shore and they are solid wood which means they are actually pretty comfortable. Though the strap sometimes rubs - some of you may have seen me limping after day 1 of BlogHer parties!

The FIT Flops

FitFlops with shopped pedicure

I wear FitFlops EVERY SINGLE DAY in the Summer and while they are supposed to work your muscles more, I love them because I can walk forever and my feet don't hurt. I can walk through a Disney park and my feet never get tired! You Disney people know exactly what I mean.

(YES - I totally added pink dots to look like nail polish on this photo.)


Disclosure: all opinions expersses are my own and I was not given any of these shoes. Some links are affiliate links.

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Fashion Friday: Never Enough Shoes for Twin Girls

Girls Like SHOES

Just one reason my house is a mess.

There are shoes by the front door, by the back door, in the kitchen, in the family room, in the bathroom and in the mudroom.

The mudroom is where I want the shoes to live. I like them to live on this bench:

shoe bench


The problem is that this bench can't possibly hold all the shoes. The left 2 sections of the bench are for El and Em and you can see it is overflowing.

Because this is how many shoes they actually have:

shoes for twin girls


And notice this does not include winter boots, rain boots, riding boots and the 8 pairs of flipflops!

Where do we keep all of their shoes when we clean up the front door, the back door, the kitchen, the family room , and the mudroom?

In those nifty drawers that came with my Frigidaire affinity washer and dryer set!

pedestal drawers of Frigidaire washer and dryer hold shoes too

Because who needs to store laundry detergent when we only do laundry once a week because the twins have so many clothes? But that's another post.



Fashion Friday - Don't play with mommy's Choos

The twins love to play dress up in my closet. They love the handbags, the scarves, and Em especially loves my shoes. Here's what the floor of my closet looks like after she is done:



But there is one pair of shoes that are off limits and apparently even The Mister knows this.

Me, whining... "Ohhhhh - Emmmmm! Can you please put my shoes back when you are done with them!"

Em, "I'm sorry mommy!"

Me, "Oh nooo - not my Jimmy Choos."

To my shock and surprize I hear from The Mister,

"Jimmy Choo?!?! You have Jimmy Choo shoes?? Em you are not allowed to play with those shoes!"

Me after picking my jaw up off the floor, "YOU know Jimmy Choo?"

The Mister, "Everyone knows Jimmy Choo! When did you get those??"

Jimmy Choo shoes

The Mister - football loving, fashion hater who broke into a sweat when I brought home an orange shirt (he's never branched out beyond navy, white, green and grey). This man knows Jimmy Choo?

Everyone. Knows. Jimmy Choo.

But not everyone can wear my Choos.



Fashionista Friday - I went in for flip flops, I came out with these


That spells...Mommy.

The sudden heat spell took us by surprise and of course the first thing the Twofer want is to slip on their flip flops. Unfortunately they didn't have any fit flops that FIT from last year.

So, I decided to take them to K-Mart for a cheap pair of flops, and maybe stop for some ice cream. I forgot that Payless Shoes was right next to K-Mart.

We went in for these:


New flip flops for summer

But came out with these:


black patent sling backs with a wedge heel 

Totally practical for summer, right? Black, patent leather, wedge...Em simply would not take these "high heels" off her feet. {sigh}

So I caved.

And they squeeled.

And they have worn them every day, except to go to school.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Oh - did I mention I also bought 4 tubs of ice cream? It was a day to splurge.