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Making Space for Twins - Should we get bunk beds or give them their own rooms?

Tween Twins Need Space

As we accept the fact that we officially have "tweenagers" we are accepting the fact that their room may just be too small for them. We do have two spare bedrooms, however, my home office is in one and the other is fairly small and used regularly by my mom when she visits.

I have thought about turning the smaller bedroom into my office and getting a futon for Grandma when she comes. Then the girls could each have one of the other two larger rooms. On the other hand, I'm not ready for all that furniture moving and buying. The idea of just getting them bunk beds is appealing. Plus, I found this really cool, modern looking bunk bed at Tesco direct and I'm wondering how much shipping would be.

Modern Bunk Beds

Certainly bunk beds would create more space to add a desk, a reading nook, or an extra bookcase for storage. On the other hand, they still need to share dressers and a closet for all those tween girl clothes!

Are They Ready to Separate?

Here's the issue with separate rooms. They have only ever known what it's like to share a room. For most of their life there has been another living, breathing, sometimes snoring, but always comforting presence right next to them when they go to sleep. I'm not so sure both of them are ready to fall alseep on their own.

They don't talk a lot or anything but still. I'm curious if having separate rooms would be a difficult transition for one of them in particular. She actually has said she does NOT want to 'sleep alone' while the other has expressed an interest in going to sleep away camp.

Polar opposites.

As usual.

What have you other twin parents done? If you HAVE the space, do you let them have their own rooms?


Disclosure: This post was provided by Tesco direct though all opinions are my own. Also, this whole bunk bed / separate room discussion is really and truly happening right now - mostly in my head but only because if I tell the girls we're moving on it (whatever direction) they will expect either new rooms or new beds tomorrow.