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Entries in raising girls (11)


A Very Important Lesson from a Surprising Source...Dad

This Christmas brought with it some surprises. One being that I'm not the only one a little neurotic when it comes to raising girls.
It seems The Mister was moved by something he saw in a catalogue.
He was so moved he decided to give it to the girls as a life lesson.
He wrapped up that lesson, tied it with a bow, and gave it to each of them for Christmas Eve.



What other lessons can we share to help our girls be ok with who they are?



Twincident #155 I Must be Doing Something Right

This weekend I did some organizing and brought out my new favorite toy, the DYMO label maker. I mean, how can one possibly get organized unless you have labels? I know my friend Lindsay, aka: the Queen of Mabels Labels, would agree. She has an organizer for all of her Mabels Labels but don't ask how I know.

Let me get back to my point.

While I was labeling mail bins the Twofer were making some of their own.

That's when I found this one.



Yes, it's misspelled but it came from them. OK, it might also have come from a book or a movie but for the sake of this post we're going to assume the inspiration for this label came from the wisdom of their....


That's me.

I must be doing something right.

And now that label sits on my laptop.

So the next time you see me at Panera or at a blog conference remember that I can spell.

But I can also inspire!




Twincident #153 A Quiet Morning Ritual

image via FindStuff22 on Photobucket

This morning I woke up at the un-holy hour of 5:30 am and could not get back to sleep. So, I got up and decided to tackle some of the To Dos that were racing through my mind.

I got the coffee made, filled and ran the dishwasher, straightened up the kitchen, and then I heard them.

Quietly chatting and giggling.

It was still early, around 6:30 am but they were up.

And they were so friggin cute.

And they were talking about food!

Tacos, and salad and other stuff.

I realized they were telling each other the silly dreams they had just woken up from.

I realized I didn't want to start on my To Do list.

I realized maybe there was a reason I woke up so early.

So I sat on the floor in the darkened room and sipped my coffee and made them start over from the beginning.


For more Twincidents see...

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Fashion Friday: Never Enough Shoes for Twin Girls

Girls Like SHOES

Just one reason my house is a mess.

There are shoes by the front door, by the back door, in the kitchen, in the family room, in the bathroom and in the mudroom.

The mudroom is where I want the shoes to live. I like them to live on this bench:

shoe bench


The problem is that this bench can't possibly hold all the shoes. The left 2 sections of the bench are for El and Em and you can see it is overflowing.

Because this is how many shoes they actually have:

shoes for twin girls


And notice this does not include winter boots, rain boots, riding boots and the 8 pairs of flipflops!

Where do we keep all of their shoes when we clean up the front door, the back door, the kitchen, the family room , and the mudroom?

In those nifty drawers that came with my Frigidaire affinity washer and dryer set!

pedestal drawers of Frigidaire washer and dryer hold shoes too

Because who needs to store laundry detergent when we only do laundry once a week because the twins have so many clothes? But that's another post.



Fashionista Friday - twin girls can make glamour ugly

In this weekly series I explore all things fashion...especially as they relate to 6 year old girls. I also explore things for me like this fab calendar and this fashion "Bible" of sorts, but for this post I'm back on the kids.

Because this morning they made fashion ugly. And not in their choice of clothing.

Image of CSF Wrestlers by Podknox on Flickr

It was their attitude.

With each other.

You see we are a humble family and we save money wherever we can. That includes accepting any and all hand-me-downs. The problem comes when we get a new shipment of hand-me-downs and the girls start tearing through them and declare "MINE!" all over the stuff.

Today I heard a LOT of this..

"Moooooooomy! El's wearing MY SWEATER! Why can't she wear HER OWN sweater??"

and then a few,

"That's MINE! You have THAT one!"

For some reason they don't understand that NONE of it is theirs. It all belongs to whomever gave it to us or the the person we are passing it onto.

What's more, many items fit Em first because she is a size taller and then they get passed onto El. Oh don't worry, they each get new stuff (Thank GOD for Grandmas) but the sad truth is that El usually gets stuff after Em. So what sucks for her is good for me because who knew I'd be able to hand-me-down with twins??

But it definitely makes for an ugly scene. One that rivals any America's Next Top Model show.

Minus the swearing.

But there is a lot of eye-rolling, grabbing, snickering, hair tossing, tears, and all-around drama.

All before 8:30 am too.

U - G - L - Y

You ain't got no alibi

You ugly!

You ugly!

Points to whomever can name that movie first.