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Scenes from a Tween Bedroom Lead to Inspiration.

Last week we made one of our regular trips up to Grandma's for some back to school shopping and the annual raid on my neice's hand-me-downs.

My neice is going to be 12 and she recently revamped her room.

Paint, some new furniture, new stuff on the walls.

Basically she got rid of the pink.

You hit 10 and you can't be within a foot of the color pink. Duh.

Walking into her room I was suddenly transported to my own teen years.

Posters of my favorite people.


Jewelry hanging all over.


Nail polish collection.


And you can't have just any lamp shade.



But the thing I loved the most was this little inspirational wall hanging.


Such a simple, yet powerful message for girls today.

And so very, very important.

It reminded me of why I love the Be You Be True t-shirts so much.

Be yourself.

And you'll be happy.

Have you stepped into a tween or teen room lately? Were you surprised to find something?


Be Proud of Who You Are with Be You Be True

I'm headed to Blogher '12 this week and I will be celebrating while I'm there.

Positive Messages for Girls, Moms and Bloggers

Having twin girls I have always been hyper-aware of the face that they will always be compared:

"The smart one"

"The prettier one"

"The taller one"

"The funnier one"

"The fast one"

It's inevitable that they will start to hear these comparisons from their friends, classmates, teachers, even coaches, as they get older. Knowing this, I have always tried to teach them to embrace their differences. Love yourself, recognize YOUR strengths, celebrate them, and celebrate the strengths of others. But, ultimately, keep the focus on you. Be the best you, you can be.

The same could be said for some of my fellow bloggers. Not all. SOME.

Celebrate who YOU are!

The blogging arena can be somewhat competitive. There is a lot of discussion and comparison about who gets invited to go on press trips, who has a book deal, and who is speaking on a panel at a conference.. including Blogher.

This is why now is the perfect time to share with my fellow bloggers my love for the Be You Be True line of products. They offer positive messages for girls of all ages to celebrate who they are, right now. Be who you are, embrace it, celebrate it.

The more we focuse on ourselves, on being the best we can be, the happier we are.

Interested in working with Be You Be True?

The folks at Be You Be True are putting together an Ambassador program for bloggers who are interested in reviewing the products, being available for testing new products, and possibly participating in focus groups, among other things.

If you are interested in learning more, go ahead and complete this short survey so they can learn a little more about you!

And, be sure to find me, check out the Be You Be True t-shirts, and follow my tweets while I'm at Blogher! (@janinenickel)



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I am being compensated by Be You Be True, however all opinions are my own as are my neuroses with raising twin girls to love themselves as much as they love each other. This post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published.


The Sisterhood

Tonight I was at a business networking event. I got to wear my big girl pants, talk a little shop, and drink a glass of wine. But the conversation that affected me the most was with one of the attendees who it turns out is in

The Sisterhood.

Oh how sweet it is when they play well together

Twin Moms Stick Together

We moms of twins, as much as we try to blend in, are different.

We have anxieties that only someone with 2 kids who are CONSTANTLY COMPARED can understand.

This woman has 11 year old twin girls.

As soon as she found out I have 8 year old twin girls she gave me

The Look.

The look that says, "I know what you are going through. I understand your fears. And you are right to be afraid. But we are survivors."

Yes, a look can say all that and more.

Because only a moms of twins (and possibly only a mom of twin girls who are about to embark on a trips through the Sea of Hormones) can understand the fear and anxiety that comes with knowing we'll have to manage

2 girls who are constantly compared BY others and By themselves

maturing at different stages

experiencing hormones, changes, drama...

together, and yet, alone.

As soon as I meet another Sister we are quick to bond.

We understand that we struggle to help our kids navigate because we weren't twins. We may have had siblings, we may have experienced comparisons, but there was a buffer in a difference of sex (I had a brother), age, or grade to ease the comparison.

We bond when we discuss the dominant twin and how that role can switch from time to time.

We trade stories of similarities, differences, separation.

We hold onto hope that they stay close, like Mary Kate and Ashley, rather than divided, like Cain and Able (who were not twins but the only reference of sibling rivalry I could come up with for now)

Then we hug each other goodbye knowing we have met someone who understands.


An important message for young girls: be you. be true. 

As the Twofer are turning the corner toward "tween"-dom, I'm paying closer attention to the messages they are receiving...from me, from advertisers, even from school and activities. I'm tuned in a little to more to how they are dealing with issues at school or with their friends.

I know there are struggles going on.

What is important to me is that they have the confidence and the tools to deal with those struggles.

be you. be true.  Whatever that may be.

As I wrote in my annual Letter to my Daughters on their Birthday post, I want them to feel good about themselves. 

Then I saw a friend of mine from college post about her new business on Facebook called be you. be true.

It seems SHE has the same idea with her daughter.

Even better, her daughter created a character called Little Miss Pink that has fun, positive, and empowering "be" messages for girls of all ages.

She decided to create t-shirts so girls all over the world can declare who they want to "be"! Here are just some of them:

Have an idea for a "be" message?

Have your child draw a picture with the message and submit it to the be you. be true. website. You never know - you might just see it on a t-shirt!

Want to share your "be" message?

I LOVE the photos of so many kids feeling really good about themselves. Send in your own photo when you get your t-shirt and share the message that we all can "be" true to who we are.

BE sure to LIKE be you. be true. on Facebook to see the latest designs. There are some really cute!

Disclosure: my friend Karen sent me t-shirts for the girls as a thank you for connecting her with other bloggers through Buzz Cooperative. All opinions are my own and I really love the 'be' messages. Also, the t-shirts are great quality!


Dad's advice for the girls' first basketball game

Image via BigTallGuy on Flickr

The Twofer are playing basketball and their first game is this weekend! This is going to be a great opportunity to learn about playing being a team player, good sportsmanship, and why it's important to practice.

The Mister had some words of advice for their first game.

I was so moved by them, I had to share with you.

Hip Check

"When boxing out, it never hurts to throw a little hip check to clear your opponent out."


Throwing Elbows

"After grabbing a rebound, throwing elbows in both directions will make defenders less likely to try and get the ball from you."


Hot sauce

"Put a little hot sauce, or other eye irritant, on your elbows."


But seriously...

Can you imagine if anyone took him seriously what that game would look like? Can't you just see the blank stares on the faces of their teammates (all 7 and 8 year old girls) if was to seriously give them THAT speech before the game?

So, what would your advice be?