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Back to school wisdom comes from the bottom of a mimosa

It's a tradition in my neighborhood to have a mimosa brunch the first day of school. For many this is just what they need after the somewhat anticlimactic drop off or bus pick-up when they are left saying, "Now what?". We have the answer, and it's in a little plastic cup with orange juice and champagne.

Pitchers of Mimosas

This is a casual event where if you have something, bring it, if you don't, don't worry about it. I offered to host with the disclaimer that if I do, I have the right to blog about it.

We ate:

Muffins, bagels, brownies, oh my!

I showed off my Frigidaire affinity washer and dryer from Mom Central:

Laundry in half the time making more Me Time!

Click here for more on my experience being a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom.

And we oven-tested these really cool biodegradable, compostable plates from Verterra:

Use instead of paper plates and toss them in the compost bin!Click here for my complete review of Verterra plates and how they fared in the oven and microwave!

But more than that, I learned why this back-to-school brunch has and will remain a tradition for my neighborhood.

It's a place to get a hug when you've teared up watching your 'baby' enter the big world of kindergarten. It's a party to celebrate surviving 3 months of the kids home with us for summer. And it's a chance to pick up snippets of wisdom in between sips.

Some words of wisdom I overheard are,

"The sassy teenage years are there because it's God's way of preparing us for when they leave. By then, we're happy to see them go!"


"Sometimes kids thrive in a room with a teacher who has a much different approach to things than the parents."

Thank you to everyone who came, and help keep the tradition going. For the full-time working parents we'll have to pull together something too.

What back-to-school traditions do you and your friends or neighbors have?



Some Pros and Cons and...I haven't told you about the Frigidaire affinity dryer!

I've done most of my coverage on the big it is, how it holds it's own (and more) against the ladybug, and even how 'smart' it is.

What I haven't shared to date are some Pros and Cons as I usually do in my review blog (Twofer Thumbs Up) and since I swore on TV that I would be nothing if not honest, I'm going to do that now. Let's start with the bad news first, shall we?

Cons for the Frigidaire affinity washer:

  • There is a rubber rim just inside the door of the washer that has a groove in it. This groove has been known to collect water, lint/hair, and little socks. I use a rag to absorb wipe out the groove after each use which adds an extra step (although it's mere seconds to do it).
  • There is no plain 'rinse'. If I use too much detergent which I am still prone to doing, I have to run the load through a short wash without detergent to get it rinsed out. With my old washer I could just set it to rinse and spin.

Pros for the Frigidaire affinity washer

  • The washer has an NSF Certification setting that washes clothes up to 153 degrees to ensure laundry is 99.9% bacteria free.
  • Advanced Rinse Technology uses FRESH water in the final rinse for whiter whites and reduced allergens
  • It spins like a just engine - I swear sometimes I think it's going to take off but it doesn't move and inch and the clothes come out almost completely dry!

Now, onto the Frigidaire affinity dryer

Because the clothes, towels, sheets, etc. are coming out of the washer already dryer, they don't need to dry for very long and so I use less energy with my affinity.

The dryer also has a 'Sanitize' temperature setting with NSF Certification that ensures the laundry is 99.9% bacteria free.

Plus, you can dry your most delicate delicates.

Between the drying rack that comes with the dryer (for items that need to be dried flat), the "Ultra Delicates" and "Shrink Guard Ultra" settings I've had great success with clothes that needed special care. Plus, they dry a lot faster in there on rack than sitting out in my laundry room.


This post sponsored by

Mom Central and



Summer guide

photo by G Viciano

photo by G Viciano
Looking for some great products to make your summer that much more fun and enjoyable? Looking to pamper yourself while the kids are off at camp? Or maybe you're dealing with summer bumps and bruises. Momfluence has collected some reviews of great products that you need to know about! Check out what our reviewers had to say about these great summer finds. And don't forget to stop by the Momfluence member giveaways listed at the bottom for some summer winning!

Featured Products

swimmies FishBites Swimmies - Spending time in the water is one of the most fun and exciting parts of summer. FishBites Swimmies by Swimways is a great solution to give the little ones the extra security they need in the pool, in a fun and exciting way.

carryon Delsey Helium Fusion Carryon - If you are hitting the road or flying the skies this summer for your family vacation, the Delsey Helium Fusion carry-on offers a lightweight solution for packing your travel essentials.

dosomethingdailly Do Something Daily Calendar - Tired of hearing the kids say they have nothing to do? The DoSomethingDaily Calendar offers fun and exciting suggestions for things to do on each and every day of the year. Make memories with your family, every day!

Perlabella_line_1 Perlabella Pearls - Want to combat some of the wrinkles cause by sun damage? Perlabella's Retinol solution helps to fight the signs of aging, that can be caused by excessive sun exposure and other factors.

More Summer Fun

iTurtle Playdoh Spaghetti Factory
Nerf NFL Progrip Football

SuperSoaker 50
Boochie Game
Good For The Kids

Talking To Toddlers
Two Belles and A Bead Engraved Necklace
Jumeau Handbags

Member Reviews/Giveaways

Bonggamom - $50 Tiny Prints Gift Certificate
IceFairy's Treasure Chest
- KiNeSYS, Purex 3-in1, and more
Eccentric, Eclectic Woman
- Bra Barrette, Skipping Hippos
Riding With No Hands
- 20 Piece Rubbermaid Set
Consumer Queen
- FurBuster
PlusSizeMommy - Giant Hershey Bar, Zensoy, and more
MommyNotGuilty - KidBanz Sunglasses
Robyn's Online World
- Kodak Digital Frame
Simply Being Mommy
- EA Sports Active
Lattes and Life
- Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs &">Parent's Choice Formula Motherhood Moment - Summer Fun
A Simple Kinda Life
- Summer Soiree of Giveaways
From Cribs to Car Keys
- EcoStore $25 Gift Certificate and more
Miscellaneous Finds 4 U - Tiny Prints and more
All Momfluence guide reviews are product-provided, featured positions were purchased by vendors. Member reviews and giveaways are not associated with Momfluence.
A little retail therapy for the kids always makes the summer fly,


Cross Post & Giveaway - Where I go for last minute baby gifts

This is a cross-post and giveaway from over at my Twofer Thumbs Up blog but I wanted to highlight it here because it's for my friend and neighbor.
Everyone say Hi to my neighbor Sharina. (((waving)))
Sharina has got a sewing machine and isn’t
afraid to use it.
Sharina, owner of, i
s where I turn for last-minute baby gifts. And because I’m a last-minute kind of gal, I’m at Sharina’s house...a lot. has all kids of great things for mom, baby, and little kids including bibs, blankets, clothing, stroller tags, even hair bows!

The matching bibs and burp clothes have been a huge hit with my friends.

These little dresses are so cute!

You can even get matching dresses for your big and little girl!

This Snacker Packer is ingenious.

Tuck a small bowl inside for easy snacking without all the mess. Little hands can reach in and you can tie it up easily. A clip keeps the snacks from flying off the stroller and onto the floor. The bag is reusable, better for the environment than plastic baggies, and washable!

Do you need last minute gifts? The good news is that you don’t have to drive to Sharina's house to shop. You can shop online at .

Enter to Win a Snacker Packer!

I have in my hot little hands THIS Snacker Packer (see above photo) to give away to one lucky reader. Here’s what you need to do:

{Go To Twofer Thumbs Up to enter}

Contest open to US residents in the 48 contiguous states, and ends June 10, 2009 at 11:59pm. Winner will be chosen using and notified via email or Twitter and will have 3 days to claim the prize.

Good luck!

Product supplied by
Blankies, Burps & Bibs


Mom's Night Out - who makes dinner?

Baked Pasta Primavera via Unilever

I'm just wondering if my fellow mom's feel the 'need' to arrange dinner plans (either cook or order) when they go out for a night with girlfriends.

Do I plan the meals even when it's my Girls Night Out?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
Usually, I do.
It's not a guilt thing...these day
s it's a save-money thing. I'd rather cook something ahead of time that my husband can serve to himself and the kids because I know in the end it's a lot cheaper than the pizza guy.
First, pizza around here can be expensive.
Second, the Mister can eat like a growing teenager...for that matter, the Twofer often eat like growing teens so Pizza doesn't get us very far from the 'I'm huuuungry' whine.

Unilever and Mom Select to the rescue!

For National Mom's Night Out I was the lucky recipient of a Unilever Making Life Better Family Fun Package that
contained all kinds of goodies to make an easy, tasty, and filling meal for my family. This included:
  • Family Fun Book with tips for easy and affordable meals
  • Package of Lipton Tea (how did they know my husband LOVES homemade iced tea?)
  • Lipton Beefy Onion Mix (great for burgers or meat loaf)
  • Knorr Cheddar Broccoli Rice
  • I Can't Believe it's Not Butter
  • Bertoli Frozen Entree (can't get any easier for Chicken Parm)
and a few more things. The only thing I needed to add was a veggie!

My Mom's Night Out

Ironically, I did not go out on National Moms Night Out but I DID go out that Saturday night...a little too celebr
ate my friend Allison's birthday.
My tweets from the bar and dance floor looked like this:

BTW - the old dude RAWKED

I'm sure there is photographic evidence of my unique dancing skillz (anyone remember the 'running man'?) but none of my friends are savvy enough to get those up on Twitter, etc. Facebook may be another issue.

Working on my moves,

Product provided by