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Plyg Talk - TLC's Sister Wives is back and I want to head to Utah for a group hug

Yay! My Favorite Polygamist family is back on Sunday Nights!

TLC's 'Sister Wives' season 2 started Sunday night and I was hooked. In this first episode of the second season we not only see, but I reall got to FEEL the



love and


this family experiences as they 'come out of the closet' about their lifestyle.

Are you brave enough to be true to yourself?

As I watched the premier I found myself admiring this family unit for being so honest with themselves and not wanting to hide anymore.

We witness the behind-the-scenes activity and discussion that happends before they go on the Today Show and launch themselves and their family onto the public stage.

We see the panic that sets in when they realize word has spread fast over the Internet...including BLOGS and they rush back to help their kids deal. Many bloggers were not so nice. (I was secretly hoping they would say "TwoferMom was one of the nice ones".)

As dangerous as it will be for them, they are teaching their kids (and even some of us viewers) a valuable lesson about standing up for who you are.

This is a lesson that also teaches acceptance!

Acceptance but...

Of course, this only works because they seem like a loving, and functional family with a secret that does not seem to be hurting anyone - including their kids. Were this a family of 13 year old child brides I would not feel the same way and unfortunately, until now those are the polygamist families that have been in the press.

This functional and happy family has taken on the role of introducing the world to a more realistic polygamist life so that their kids and grandkids don't have to hide.

At the end of the episode the wives chime in on whether, knowing what they do now, they would still choose to come out. The answers made me want to give them all a big hug.

'Sister Wives' is on Sunday nights on TLC.

Watch then come here and comment. This is going to be a great season!


Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with TLC or the Browns. I wouldn't turn down a trip out to visit with them for the weekend though! There is just something about this family that I love.