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Plyg Talk - My Thoughts on the Season Finale of TLC's 'Sister Wives'

Yes I know I'm a week late on this but I think even The Browns would agree, better late than never!

Kody and the Gang Get Married

This last episode (really two episodes back to back) was all about The Wedding. Kody and Robyn were tying the not (legally or illegally remains to be seen) and as Robyn accurately described, "emotions were flying all over the place".

What you realize watching this hot mess unfold is that it's not just a marriage between two people, it's a marriage between 5 families. Everyone was going to have to adjust to everyone else because even the families that have been plugging along nicely are going to come out of this blending experience different. Roles may change, feeling will definitely be hurt, and everyone gets less time with Kody.

Plus, all the wives had some say in the planning of this wedding. Each one seemed to have their own 'thing' and they got it. And when Kody decided to exercise his "I'm the man of the house" role, he got his butt kicked... x4


Let's start with the easiest one. Janelle held onto her "most easy going" status once again except when it came time to spec out the reception area. Janelle hates receptions. She did not have a big wedding, she did not have a reception. She wanted no part of it. Until she saw the outdoor location and then she was ALL about it.


Christine is the wife who is most vocal about her dislike of, well, anything! She doesn't think it's fair that Kody spend so much time with Robyn because even though they are engage, engaged is NOT married. She didn't think it was appropriate for her, the 3rd wife, to have a big, fancy obviously it's rediculous that the 4th wife is planning this elaborate event.  Also, we learn in the florist shop that she'll be damned if she's gonna carry a bouquet of flowers at the wedding! She has to carry Truly! (Read: he may be giving you a big fat white wedding, but don't forget he just gave ME a baby!)


Meri, having just come back from Mexico with Kody for an anniversary trip, has clearly reconnected with her husband. She is the first wife, she talks the most about her jealousy issues, but she's also the one to blame for this plural marriage business. Meri's request for the wedding was that there be time set aside to take a family photo and that Robyn NOT be wearing her wedding dress in the photo. At first this seemed like a strange, and almost harsh request at first. Then I realized she's right! The photo is about the family, not that one day when Robyn was a bride.

 There was also a very tender moment when Meri was helping Kody get ready for the wedding. She's straightening his vest and has this cute smile on her face. Kody is looking at her in this very loving way and leans in for a kiss. Aaaand Meri leans away laughing.

"I was going to say something...{giggle}"

She turns to the camera as Kody is turning to leave (he's laughing).

"I wish it was my wedding night."

She said that with a giggle and a huge smile on her face.


Robyn, the bride, has her hands full and no one seems to notice. She's just gone through a move, is still physically separate from the family in her own house, has planned this huge wedding (200 people) and incorporated something that each of the other wives wanted. We learn that sister wives are pretty sucky bridesmaids. In their defense they never claimed to be bridesmaids and don't consider themselves bridesmaids but then they suck at the 'sister' part of sister wives.

It's also Robyn's fault. According to Meri, "She insisted the wives and kids get their hair and nails done."

What I remember most about the wedding was watching Robyn run around like a chicken with its head cut off ALL day doing stuff like ironing, organizing, arranging, and all that crap that bridesmaids (or sisters) are supposed to be doing so that all the bride has to do is...get her hair and nails done.


Kody Kody Kody. Sure, we see the good guy in him. He seems to know all of his kids and call them by the right name. He drove around for hours trying to correct the fact that the wedding invitations had the wrong address on them. But when he messes up, he messes up x4. Kody decided that during one of the interview segments he would 'drop a bomb'.

The look on the wives faces should have told him to stop there or at the very least, come up with something really insignificant like that he's giving half his closet to Robyn. But no, for once Kody felt the need to exercise his man-of-the-houses right and the adrenaline got the best of him and he charged ahead and blurted out,

"I picked out Robyn's wedding dress"


OK, for most of us it would be no big deal. But for this family it meant....betrayal! You see the wives had spend all friggin day with Robyn at the dress shop, suffering through her dancing around in one (inappropriate) white gown after the next and they thought they had shared a special secret with Robyn.

But Robyn had not actually purchased the dress that day. She and Kody snuck back and he got to choose.

And then, like a big dummy who's about to get married, he announced it with the cameral rolling. THe result? Robin turns green and is about to puke, Meri and Janelle are stunned and obviously disappointed, and Christine unhooks her mic and walks off the set.

Nice going Kody.

When they all settle back down Christine says something very poignant,

"I need you to step up. I know you can do this, that's why I married you. I need you to step up and do this."

I was sad to learn the Brown family is now under investigation. It's not surprising but I look at this family a little like pioneers. They knew the risks doing a show like this but the took the risk hoping to make life easier for their kids.

No more hiding.

Be who you are.

People throughout the ages have struggled to defend their religion, sexuality, and political beliefs.

It got me thinking, what makes this family any different?


Note: all quotes are how I remember them, so they may not be exact but they are close.


Plyg Talk - My Thoughts on TLC's 'Sister Wives'

When I get hooked on a show I am hooked. I also like to talk about it and since I don't work in a big office with a water cooler, this blog and you, my faithful readers, will have to hear about it.

I did this via email with my college friends when American Idol first came out. We called it, "Idol Chatter" and we mostly analyzed how Katherine McPhee looked because my friend's husband had McPheever and she looked A LOT like my friend, his wife! But I digress...

This week on 'Sister Wives'

image of 'Sister Wives' via TLC

It boils down to this:

Christine (wife #3)... 

had her baby which made it #13 for Kody AND they decided to induce to have it on the 13th day of whatever month it was (plyg luck?). Also - it was the FIRST time Christine delivered in a hospital AND she accepted the drugs AND said it was easy.  PLYG MOMENT: Kody asking the doctor about doing IVF (referring to Meri) while his other wife is in labor right in front of him!

Meri (wife #1)...

celebrated 20 years with Kody with a nice dinner out that ended in an argument and tears as all good anniversary dinners do. The issue is that Meri wanted this plyg lifestyle and knows and accepts it. BUT she's human and still (even after 20 years and 2 other wives) prone to jealousy. Kody was stuck between a rock and a hard place, which brings us to the next PLYG MOMENT: She wanted him to just acknowlege it, and not, in plyg terms, tell her to 'suck it up' as she felt he had in the past. He is like, "You're asking me to admit that everything I'm doing is wrong." YEP. See, those plygs are not so different from us. He Can't. Win.


she's the one wife who was NOT raised in the plyg lifestyle and yet she, so far, seems the most easy going with it, and with the new almost-wife Robyn. Although Janelle did encourage the other wives to skimp on the ring they are givng to Robyn (sister-wife thing), and get the cheapest. But you know what? I agree with her. Robyn's bringing 4 more mouths to feed to this family and they really have no business spending money on bling.  Thus this week's PLYG QUESTION: When will Kody give up that Lexus???


has moved into her own house just 1 block away from the family. She takes Christine's kids for the day while Christine and Kody are at the hospital for the appointment which later turns into the delivery. Robyn has the dollhouse and there are 4 mommy dolls and 1 daddy doll and all the little girls are fighting over who gets to sit next to the daddy doll. I guess, if that's all you know, it's normal! Robyn tears up during one of the interview segments and recalls loving the fact that she has this family since she came from a broken home. Her step-dad accepted her as his own, and she knows her kids will come to really love Kody. It's a touching moment in an otherwise difficult time. Robyn is still an outsider but wants so much to be IN.  PLYG MOMENT: Kody stops in before heading back to the hospital and kisses Robyn and admits to feeling strange. "I don't want to be kissing my girlfriend while my wife is in labor!" he says.


finally admits to going bald. We knew already from an episode with wind blowing, and also because he keeps his hair unreasonably long and wild - always a sign that a guy is trying to hide some thinning. But at least he came clean. An honorable move and one I know is not that easy to do. So, just when I think Kody somewhat has it together he does this...

Kody and Meri are in Mexico to celebrate their 20 years, and get some much needed together-time. At one point, during a quite moment, he actually brings up giving Meri IVF as a 20th anniversary present...!?!?!

Kody, Kody, Kody. {smacks head} Have you not learned anything in these 20 years? Meri's response, "I don't see the point." How pissed off is she after watching last night's episode and seeing him discuss HER IVF in front of the doctor and Christine during a delivery?? Let's hope he learns something from this.

Until next week,