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We haven't had popcorn for almost a whole year

Can you imagine NOT eating popcorn for almost an entire year???


We love popcorn in this house.

We love it when it's cold out and when it's warm out.

We love it plane, with butter, or with some other funky seasoning.

But we had to say farewell to popcorn last year.

Orthodontists don't like popcorn and the expanders that were costing us a small fortune are not forgiving when it comes to popcorn.

So as a family, we decided that we should let these very expensive expanders do their job well, the first time, and we ditched popcorn.

Until NOW!

Expanders have been removed and popcorn is back on our snack list!

I told the girls we could eat it every single day until the next orthodontist appointment in August.

Have you ever given up a certain food for a whole year?



Learning to Love Rinsing with the Listerine #SweetSmart Challenge 

It has been three weeks since we started the Listerine Sweet Smart challenge and I have to say, it's been a success!

First, the girls were great at incorporating the Listerine Smart Rinse into their dental routine.

Second, because they were so good, they earned themselves new tooth brushes.

Third, even I got better at maintaining the new routine!

 Rinsing as an Olympian on Halloween!

Why it's important to rinse

As a parent whose children have already had cavities, and now have orthodonitc devices in their mouth, I know the importance of keeping teeth clean. The expanders they have in their mouths are helping to create room for their adult teeth, but they are also a hotbed of food and junk that I just know will make it difficult to avoid cavities. Rinsing with Listerine means the rinse reaches where brushing and flossing can't. It also washes away the food particles they ARE able to brush and floss off their teeth.


We learned a few things about rinsing during this challenge...

60 seconds is a LONG time. To battle the urge to spit until the 60 second mark we hummed songs as we swished. Just don't look at each other while humming and swishing or you are sure to spit it all out during a giggle.

Track your progress as encouragement or if you want to offer a reward. We were given this handy white board calendar to use. Instead of tracking an entire month, we used it to mark down a week's worth of rinsing for every member of our family.

*progress on this calendar may have been enhanced (Mom wins!)

We like variety. To improve the likelyhood that you and your kids will maintain a routine of brushing, flossing and rinsing, load up on different flavors of toothpaste, Listerine rinse, flossing thread, and different types of toothbrushes. It's fun to experiment with different flavors and makes it a little more interesting.

Check out for more ideas and a coupon off Listerine Smart Rinse.


Disclosure: I received free samples and compensation in exchange for participating in the challenge but all opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published.


"Go Brush Your Teeth!" is not enough. Taking the #SweetSmart challenge.

I have a new friend. I let him draw $300 out of my bank account every month.

In return, he peeks into the girls' mouths about every 12 weeks to tell me to keep doing what I'm doing.

He is their orthodontist.

Now, I'm not trying to knock what he does because he did give each of them 2 very expensive devices that they wear in their mouth and it's going to expand their palates so their adult teeth have even the smallest chance of coming in straight.

These palate expanders sit on the inside of their teeth and they also create a hot bed of activity for plaque and other teeth nastiness.

We have a new plan.

We are taking a Listerine #SweetSmart challenge this month and it's just in time because Halloween is right around the corner. For the month of October  We visited for some ideas and we recently received a #SweetSmart package to help us...

1. Make brushing FUN

Check out these awesome tooth brushes! 


2. Make flossing easier

I have enough trouble flossing my own teeth. I needed a way for the girls to easily floss themselves. The package had this nifty flosser from Reach.  I found Reach Access Flosser Refill Pack on Amazon which is awesome.


3. Rinse with anti-cavity mouthwash

This, I feel, is especially important for my girls. They can be the best brushers and flossers but it won't matter a bit when that expander is sitting right on top of all the gunk they just got out.  A good swish, rinse and spit with an anti-cavity mouthwash like Smart Rinse means the gunk will go down the drain. Also, if you purchase a specially marked Smart Rinse at Walmart you can download a free song to swish to!

4. Brush + Floss + Rinse = Reward

The Listerine package included a little white board and 2 different colored pens (one for each) so they can mark off each day they brush, floss, AND now rinse! If they do it every day for a week, they will earn a fun prize like one of those cool toothbrushes.

Let's see how we do but I know if they stick with it, the candy they get this Halloween won't be sticking to their teeth! I learned recently that dental disease is nothing to laugh about. 44 percent of American kids will have dental disease before they reach kindergarten. Dental disease and pain can lead to bigger problems including trouble focusing on school work, or sleeping. Listerine is partnering with America's Tooth Fairy for the month of October to help fight dental disease in kids. You can help!

Take the #SweetSmart challenge with us, check out ListerineKids for cool toothbrushes, and for more info on their line of Smart Rinse, and visit America's Tooth Fairy to see how you can help needy kids fight dental disease.

Then let me know how you did!


Disclosure: I received compensation and a product package in exchange for taking the Listerine SweetSmart challenge and sharing my experience.