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Shopping Organic at Costco

I know it seems I'm talking about food a lot here, but after meeting Robyn O'Brien and starting her book The Unhealthy Truth , I've THINKING a lot more about food.

A Lot.

Today I hit Costco and in between getting distracted by the really cute rain boots and eating lunch by way of the samples, I found a number of good organic deals.

Kirkland USDA Organic Wheat Bread - 2 loaves for $5.69 ($2.84 ea)


Kirkland USDA Organic Tortilla Chips - 2.5 lb bag for $4.89 (less than $2 a pound)


Honest Kids USDA Organic juice / tea - $9.59 for 4 packs of 8 pouches ($.30 a pouch)


Del Monte USDA Organic Diced Tomatoes - $7.75 for 8 cans ($.96 each)

I did find chicken as well but I was going to hit another store on the way home and didn't want it to sit in the hot sun that long.

Also, Whole Foods is having a great sale on meat for grilling! If you spend $40 then you get $10 off at the register (ask the butcher for the coupon). This is going on all weekend so you can go in a few times and stock up! I bought 2 family packs of ground beef (no hormones, no antibiotics, etc) and 2 small stakes for $42 and got $10 off. I figured it out that I paid about $3.75 per pound!

Let's just hope Pepco can keep the power on all weekend...


Disclosure - some links are affiliate links.


FOOD: I will not be afraid

I had the pleasure of meeting with author Robyn O'Brien yesterday courtesy of Stoneyfield Farms and now I am re-thinking food. But I won't be afraid any longer.

OK, I'm still a little afraid.

I'm afraid to read Robyn's book, "The Unhealthy Truth ", because in it I know she will explain, in detail, what she found doing her OWN research,

as a mom,

trying to help her kids with allergies.

And here is just a smidgen of WHY you should not be afraid to read the book.

Food Allergies and Their Symptoms:

The GOOD news is that there are companies like Stonyfield who support local, organic farmers. There are organic restaurants like Restaurant Nora, host of this event, who also support our local, organic farms. And, according to Robin, even big brands like Walmart and Coca Cola offer chemical-free versions of their products in other countries! WHY? Because the mother's in Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and other countries said so!

See how powerful we moms can be?

So let's be brave together.

Let's read "The Unhealthy Truth " with eyes and ears wide open.

Let's make some small changes in our food consumption starting with organic milk, yogurt, and cheese.

If we feel it affecting our financial status we will make adjustments - Meatless Monday anyone?

And maybe we'll be motivated to get some laws changed.


Who's in???


Disclosure: I ate a delicious lunch, met an inspiring mother / author, sampled some deeelicious yogurt (really, try the caramel flavor!), and received a gift bag courtesy of Stonyfield. I was under no obligation to write or even talk about what I saw, heard, and learned but boy - how could I not?? All opinions are mine. This post was neither approved, nor reviewed prior to being published. Some links are affiliate links.


Milk vs. Juice - A Kitchen Showdown

"Arrrrrrrrre you ready to ruuuummmmbbbbllleeee?"

In the right corner wearing yellow trunks with a picture of fruit we have the defending Lunch Box Champion, our favorite low sugar juice box!

In the left corner wearing red trunks with a cute cow we have the Horizon Organic single serve strawberry milk!

Ding Ding Ding!

The Twofer sits down to decide what they want in their lunch box to accompany a Turkey-and-American-on-Wheat.....they both seem to be reaching for the juice box out of habit, BUT WAIT!

L is now sizing up the Horizon Organic single serve milk.
And now M is eyeing up the Horizon Organic milk as well!

They are picking up the milk folks. They SLAM it into their lunchboxes! It's a huge hit for the Horizon Organic milk team!

ScaryMom takes the juice back to the corner to wipe the sweat and puts it back into the fridge.

We have a clear winner folks... Horizo
n Organic single serve milk is the new Lunch Box Champion!

In all seriousness though, a big thanks and Twofer Thumbs Up to Mom Central and Horizon Organic for sponsoring this kitchen showdown and for the samples of single serve milk.

As a ScaryMom I'm thrilled because Horizon Organic means there aren't any of those icky pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics in it. As you can guess, I read one article years ago about all the stuff they give to cattle these days and I went organic for meat and dairy practically overnight. The fact that my kids like it is just the cherry on top!

Let me know what you think of the kitchen showdown...I may make it a regular segment.


Twofer Thumbs Up: