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So this is what it's like to try and get food (stamps)

Remember that trip I took to Texas back in January?

The one where I learned about the ConAgra Foods Foundation's work with the Share our Strength organization and specifically, with the Cooking Matters program?

Remember how I got to see the North Texas Food Bank warehouse?

Remember how I sat in on a few Cooking Matters classes that teach not only basic nutrition, but also ways to shop and cook healthy on a budget?

Well all of that was great. But there was an experience I had, and video taped, back in January that shows exactly WHY ConAgra Foods Foundation's support of Cooking Matters is so important.


That is the best word I can find to describe how it must feel to try and feed a family when you do not have the money to do so. Sure, there are 'social services' available - but it's not easy to obtain them.

And to give us an idea, the Cooking Matters bootcamp folks made us go through a simulation, if you will.

This was my experience:


What would you have done?

Disclosure: ConAgra and Share our Strength paid for my trip to Texas and I will receive a stipend for my work helping to tell the story and promote Cooking Matters. As always, all opinions and experiences are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to posting.


Now THAT is a pantry! A look inside the North Texas Food Bank

You may recall I took a little trip to Texas last month to learn more about the ConAgra Foods Foundation and their support of a new program by Share our Strength called Cooking Matters.

We started our little venture at the North Texas Food Bank that feeds millions of hungry families living below the poverty level. Wait until you see just how much food they turn over in a matter of 14 days!


One of the coolest things they do is help feed hungry kids on the weekends when they don't have access to subsidized meals at school. The Backpack Program started when a young girl got in trouble for eating balloons. Finally the principal at her school asked her WHY she continued to eat balloons.

She replied, "I'm hungry."

The little girl had been living with her elderly (and I believe alcoholic) grandmother so she wasn't eating much on the weekends. 


The sad thing we learned is that the backpacks only help when school is in session. Summer can be a very long 3 months when you are hungry.


For more on my trip please read:

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