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A Very Important Lesson from a Surprising Source...Dad

This Christmas brought with it some surprises. One being that I'm not the only one a little neurotic when it comes to raising girls.
It seems The Mister was moved by something he saw in a catalogue.
He was so moved he decided to give it to the girls as a life lesson.
He wrapped up that lesson, tied it with a bow, and gave it to each of them for Christmas Eve.



What other lessons can we share to help our girls be ok with who they are?



Fear of the port-o-potty, port-o-john, spot-o-pot, whatever you call that white box of smelly germs


First, let me just say this:

The photo alone makes me itch and want to bathe.
I HATE those things.
I would rather go in the woods, in a cup, ANYWHERE but in there.

My neuroses are kicking in BIG TIME because this week The Twofer are at Girl Scout Camp where all they have are THOSE THINGS!
They have NEVER, ever, ever used one. They are seven (7) <--- seven! And I have somewhat proudly kept them away. I just couldn't deal with it.
The smell, the pee everywhere, the thought of them falling in! Do you know where their underwear touches when they sit on a public toilet? It touches the very front part of the toilet where all the pee is! Do you know what that part is like in one of those white pee boxes?

Good God this is killing me just to write it.

If you are like me, here are a few tips for teaching your girl how to use a port-o-potty so that at least you can sleep at night.


1. Practice

Start working on the chosen 'stance' at home on your own toilet, then while you are out at the mall, then finally, in one of the real things.


2. Stance

My personal fave is the football stance which looks similar to this

image via The Free Dictionary
...except that the person is standing upright and the hand going out is holding onto the door and the foot going back is pressing on the back wall of the potty for balance.


For little girls, however, you are best sticking with the hover stance, or squat...
image via Strenua Strength and Vigor
where you hover over the potty seat and hold onto the door (or one hand on the toilet paper roll on the side) for balance.


3. Paper, and lots of it!

The Twofer have been taught the proper papering techniques for covering toilet seats. They are skilled in not just tearing off the right amount, but in layering it and covering the ENTIRE seat, even hanging off the edges a bit (especially in the front where their undies might touch) for maximum coverage.

4. Sanitizer - wipes, spray, gel, whatever you got

I'll be packing an arsenal of anti-bacterial stuff so they can wipe it down before they layer and squat. Will they actually use it? I have no idea, but in my own mind I will feel better. And that leads me to the 5th and final tip...

5. Trick your mind or Let it Go

All of the training and the precautions I can take are no guarantee The Twofer will incorporate any of them into their daily visit to the port-o-potty this week at camp. Also, I'm trying to 'coach' them with subtlty and not drama as I don't want them to adopt my fear of germs and other people's pee. The reality - I will show them the stance once (they've already said it's stupid), give them the wipes, and tell them at the very least to put down some TP on the seat cover.

Then I will close my eyes and ears and sing La la la la la because in the end, I have to let it go. As far as I know, no one died from sitting on someone else's pee.

{hold me}



Late, as usual but I Love me some Ultimate Blog Party!

I'm a fan of Janice and Susan for many reasons not the least of which is that I have twins myself, and I hope to pick their brains for help as mine are on the edge of tweendom.

But that's another blog post.

This here's all about meeting some new folks so if you're here for...


If you're no, go away.

Kidding! Read on and you might learn something new about me.

Here are 3 things abou moi:

1. My name is Janine and I sign my posts that way but most people know me as Twincident which is my twitter name.

2. I have twin girls, The Twofer, who will be 7 in May

My Twins with the Disney twins, Chip and Dale

3. I many neuroses including those relating to public toilets, dealing with girl drama, and accpeting the fact that my kids with either be in a 12-step program or therapy when they get older.

And here are 3 things you might want to check out on my blog:

1. Fashionista Fridays - this is about all things fashionable to a little girl, and sometime for grown-up girls (like me). I sometimes forget to do a link but if you ever write about fashion on Fridays let me know if a comment and I'll add a linky next week and ping you to link up!

2. I often do Reviews and Giveaways because I have always been mouthy when it comes to telling my friends about products I like and, well, it brings me traffic. Look, I'm not the most fabulous writer, I know that, but this blog really started as an easier way to share the latest "twincident" with my friends and family instead of the mile-long email method I had been using. Also, I have several other jobs like Buzz Cooperative (which you should check out if you are a blogger).

3. I am participating in the Lose the Laptop campaign and am totally willing to BUY VOTES! OK, I'm not sure how I would do that but if you vote for me (you have to register but I hear it's easy peasy), let me know here in a comment and I will at least come by your blog and comment and thank you and follow you on twitter and be your best friend and invite you to my birthday party...

That's it. Nice to meet you! Of course, you didn't get a word in edge-wise but I'm going to shut up now and go do some blog hopping.



This is why I'm neurotic as a parent of girls

I was reading The Huffington Post and saw this before and after photo from People Magazine of Heidi Montag.

People Magazine photo from Huffington Post

Heidi apparently opens up in People about her addiction to plastic surgery.

She KNOWS she has a problem.

Her family knows she has a problem.

And now the world knows she has a problem with trying to achieve perfection and yet she can't stop.

It's no longer a need to be beautiful - she WAS beautiful. She is now verging on freakish and I'm guessing the need is to fill some other void she has.

How does a girl with her looks, a hit TV show, fame, love and money suffer from such incredible insecurity?

What went wrong in her life that she couldn't ignor the hurtful comments she received when she first hit the Hollywood scene?

And, most importantly...

What could her parents have done to help her before it came to this?

If you have any insight, let me know.



There's a big difference between a table and a desk

Just ask any first grader.

Kindergarteners and preschoolers sit at tables.

But first graders are given real desks. Desks that have a little area to store things. Desks that can be moved and reconfigured. No one else sits at your desk.

A desk means you are responsible enough to have stuff to store in a desk.

A desk means you are growing up.



Which is why at home we still do homework at the kitchen TABLE.