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Pull, tug, suck, don't breathe....

That's how you get into your wedding dress after 10 years of marriage and twins.

I did it, I loved it, I took pictures of it, I wore it trick-or-treating...

....WHHHHEEEWWWW! And now I can breathe again.

I'm thinking I should make this an annual thing. You know, motivate me to hit the gym more often. Or starve myself every year before the big holiday season hits.

M told me, "Oh Mommy, you look prettier than me!" (is that her vanity or her humbleness speaking?)

L wanted to hold my flowers and kept petting my stomach where the dress was a bit, um, snug. I think she just liked the fabric - course it could be she thought I was hiding something under there.

My husband, bless his heart, refused to video tape it just in case it didn't fit. At first he suffered the wrath because in my language that means he thinks I'm now fat. But then I realized it was just a Cover Your A$$ move on his part. Well when I got it on and came out of the bathroom he had googly eyes for me and said (unsolicited) I looked beautiful!

Then I made him wear a Frankenstein mask for the pictures.

Loving the moment,


What's it like to get married on Halloween?

Mr. & Mrs. Scary

10 years ago today some of the strangest things happened...

A girl dressed up as Pocahontas came to the bridal suite and I thought she was going to sing...but she was there to do my makeup.

Drag queens dressed my dad in earrings and a feather boa while they waited for the stylists to finish with my bridal party.

A woman dressed as a bride showed me around the ballroom so I could see the tables all set up.
ScaryMom and "other" Halloween bride

The cocktail hour became cocktail 2 hours because the food was great, the jazz music was soothing, and everyone was enjoying it.

My new husband twirled me around the dance floor like a pro and we nailed the dip at the end.

Dancing with the stars

My dad gave the most heartwarming, sentimental, and tear jerking my mother, "his bride of 32 years".

I did my best Tina moves on stage with the band when they sang "Proud Mary".

My husband got up and danced with the band when they played "The Way You Do the Things You Do" - Jerry Garcia style.

Masks of all kinds appeared around 11:00pm and I think people actually got up to do the Monster Mash.

A Jr. Monster

My 85 year old grandparents somehow agreed to come and enjoyed themselves. This was the last major trip of their lives.

I watched my dad do his signature dance move, "the mojo" one too many times.

Oh no, here comes the Mojo!

Really drunk trick-or-treaters hopped on the wedding busses that took the guests back to the hotel.

A life-size cut-out of Austin Powers greeted people at the morning-after brunch, "Hello Baby!"

For me, it was the greatest weekend of my life. We spent too much money on it, but we have memories and stories to last a lifetime. People are still talking....

Happy Anniversary to us Mr. Scary! I love you.
Mrs. ScaryMom

This post is dedicated to the only other man in my life, my Dad. He always loved a good party and lived his too-short life to the fullest. I miss him every day.


Trying to Let it Go on Tuesdays

Here we are again to this day that is starting to annoy me because lately I just want to be my old usual self: sarcastic, pessimistic, judgmental and ornery.

And yet I promised I'd try at least one meme - and don't ask me what that is. All I know is that it's a term used for weekly posts like Wordless Wednesday that bloggers often participate in. (Any professional bloggers out there want to explain what a meme is in the comments?)

BTW - why does "bloggers" always get red underline for spelling in Blogger? You'd think they'd find a way to fix their check spelling to accept the word for their business.

Anywhoo, here's what I'm trying to Let Go of this Tuesday:

1. The fact that I have too much to do and not enough hands, motivation, or time to do it all.

2. You ever clip a hang-nail and what's left gets irritated and is sooo Goddamn (sorry, but at least I capitalized it) tender everything I do seems to hurt it????? Yea, I have one of those.

3. The continual arguing that goes on between Mr. Scary and I about, get this, 2 degrees on the thermostat! I know I'm not alone here so I'd appreciate a shout-out in the comments.

That's it folks. What are you letting go of?

Bitching and moaning,


Our Little House on the Prairie Night

Oh don't get your knickers in a bunch. I'm ScaryMom - so it's not gonna be all "Night Maw, Night Paw", but it was as close as I'm ever gonna get and here's why: the TV was off the whole evening, I was NOT on the Mac (until now) and we spent about 3 hours outside...talking to each other!

I know, I know. Crazy right?

A few weeks ago I bought a fire bowl thing for our back patio and tonight was the first fire!

L and M getting ready to burn things

Things that made me feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder:
1. We burned things.
We "cooked" s'mores over the fire (if you count chocolate in one hand, graham cracker in the other and a burnt 'shmallow in your mouth a s'more).
3. We told scary stories.
4. I saw 2 shooting stars.

M & L with S'mores fixins

Things that kept me from donning a bonnet and a hoopskirt:

1. The stories quickly turned silly and disgusting with lots of potty-mouth words that I'm sure Maw and Paw would not have put up with.

2. For the first time I heard the racket that the crickets, frogs, and whatever else that lives in my backyard make and I can't fathom how anyone gets to sleep when camping.

3. The glow from Mr. Scary's laptop was somewhat distracting, but hey - at least he was out there and managed to be part of the conversation!

4. The booming voice of the announcer and the faint cheer of the crowd at the local high school football game brought me back to reality quickly.

All in all it was quality time together and the fact that we all smell like roasted pork is a small price to pay when your kids go to bed saying "that was the best night ever".

Charred but smiling,


Football Sunday and our Wall of TVs

kickin' back, watching the games

Football Sundays: these are Sundays between September and mid-January when Mr. Scary spends the entire day watching football. It is his ONE THING. He doesn't golf, ride road bikes, or even go out much with the guys. He loves football and I have learned to compromise.

That compromise comes in the form of a Wall of TVs. One large TV surrounded by 6 smaller ones, plus satellite boxes for each and a mound of wiring that could sink a small ship. All this neatly packaged in a custom-made "cabinet" on caster wheels so you can get behind the Beast if necessary. Oh, and there's a TV in the corner by the pool table too.

If I added up what all the TVs, satellite, cable, and electricity bills cost I'm sure it would be disturbing. However, I cannot put a price on what the Wall of TVs has given me in terms of family time, peace of mind, and general happiness on football Sundays.

You see, Mr. Scary isn't out at a bar all day. He's in the basement basking in the glow of the TVs, often with the Twofer playing down there too. He's got his laptop and his cell phone to manage his fantasy teams and suicide leagues. I get to read the entire Sunday paper (a luxury in most households) AND he's available if I should have to run out for errands, or even if I want to sneak upstairs and watch a movie! So really in some ways, this compromise is more like a win-win situation... and a win-win-win if the Ravens do their job!

NOTE: we had this set up before any MTV Cribs episode.

And so without further ado...let me present
The Wall of TVs.

If I was smart I'd find some way to get Best Buy or Tweeter to sponsor this post.

Happy start of football!