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3 key words for times like these... Let it Go.

Fellow blogger Mommy Meryl came up with the idea of "Let it go on Tuesdays" and after Monday's financial meltdown combined with a Twofer meltdown, I just couldn't resist jumping on this "Om" bandwagon. For me, if this to really work, I have to list exactly what it is I want to let go of for today, if not longer. (This might just replace my Weekly Worry List!)

1. the nation's financial mess
2. the presidential election
3. the fact that HBO canceled Tell Me You Love Me
(I know, old news, but I'm not over it yet)

So I encourage you all to leave a comment (you're so good at sending me emails but I need you to comment here so that I feel legit) and tell me what you are letting go of today.


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