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Who the hell needs a watch anyway? Oh wait, I do.

My watch battery died, oh, 4 months ago?

I've been living without.

Occasionally I'll wear one of the watches I got in Disney at the Social Media Moms Celebration. But I don't want to lose those and they aren't waterproof.

So instead I've been walking around asking people what time it is.

Or, I staple my cell phone to my hip so I can check the time.

Or, I ask one of the girls to go in the other room to ask Daddy what time it is and then come back and tell me.

Of course by then it's 5-10 minutes later because you know they don't do anything in a straight line.

I think it's time for a new watch.

Something sporty?

Something waterproof?

Something retro?

Or maybe something that reflects the way I feel some days.

melted watch image via

And by that I mean squeezed! Not pear-shaped!

What watch are you wearing?


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