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Frigidaire affinity dryer is big on space, small on time

I've already bragged, ahem blogged about how incredibly large the affinity washer is. I've showed you how it held up against my 'friend' The Ladybug. So were you wondering just how I was going to dry all laundry?

Luckily for me, the Frigidiaire affinity is a Fits-MoreTM 7.0 cubic foot Dryer! This is the largest capacity dryer in a standard size (based on dryers 36" or less in height and 27" or less in depth).

Not only that, the affinity dryer has DrySenseTM technology which dries clothes more precisely and with less wrinkles. We kept hearing the dyer buzzer go off before the drying cycle was done. What I figured out is that the dyer was drying my clothes faster than what I had expected! Clothes are more evenly dry (no wet waistbands in my jeans) and the soft tumble keeps the wrinkles from setting in.

What I haven't tested is the TimeWiseTM technology where the wash time equals the dry time. I know I'm not the only to wait around to start the washer 10 minutes into the dyer cycle so that it all ends at the same time! What I plan to do as a test is start a normal wash and time it, then set it to normal dry and see if it's equal. Check back to see if it works!

Here's a photos of the right-side of the dyer 'dashboard' so you can see all the choices.

What feature do you wish you had on you dryer?

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Some Pros and Cons and...I haven't told you about the Frigidaire affinity dryer!

I've done most of my coverage on the big it is, how it holds it's own (and more) against the ladybug, and even how 'smart' it is.

What I haven't shared to date are some Pros and Cons as I usually do in my review blog (Twofer Thumbs Up) and since I swore on TV that I would be nothing if not honest, I'm going to do that now. Let's start with the bad news first, shall we?

Cons for the Frigidaire affinity washer:

  • There is a rubber rim just inside the door of the washer that has a groove in it. This groove has been known to collect water, lint/hair, and little socks. I use a rag to absorb wipe out the groove after each use which adds an extra step (although it's mere seconds to do it).
  • There is no plain 'rinse'. If I use too much detergent which I am still prone to doing, I have to run the load through a short wash without detergent to get it rinsed out. With my old washer I could just set it to rinse and spin.

Pros for the Frigidaire affinity washer

  • The washer has an NSF Certification setting that washes clothes up to 153 degrees to ensure laundry is 99.9% bacteria free.
  • Advanced Rinse Technology uses FRESH water in the final rinse for whiter whites and reduced allergens
  • It spins like a just engine - I swear sometimes I think it's going to take off but it doesn't move and inch and the clothes come out almost completely dry!

Now, onto the Frigidaire affinity dryer

Because the clothes, towels, sheets, etc. are coming out of the washer already dryer, they don't need to dry for very long and so I use less energy with my affinity.

The dryer also has a 'Sanitize' temperature setting with NSF Certification that ensures the laundry is 99.9% bacteria free.

Plus, you can dry your most delicate delicates.

Between the drying rack that comes with the dryer (for items that need to be dried flat), the "Ultra Delicates" and "Shrink Guard Ultra" settings I've had great success with clothes that needed special care. Plus, they dry a lot faster in there on rack than sitting out in my laundry room.


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Frigidaire affinity Washer Defeats The Ladybug

Yes folks, the moment you've all be waiting for.

You know how I feel about the Ladybug from my earlier Frigidaire posts.

Well, now you can see what happened when I put my new Frigidaire affinity washer up against that evil, wretched, good-for-nothing Ladybug:

Still celebrating,

Janine/Twofer Mom



Frigidaire affinity Washer and Dryer have arrived! (bring on the laundry)

They are red.
They are large.
They are high-tech.
They are freakin' beautiful and I don't care if people read this and feel sorry for me because I'm so pathetically excited about a new washer and dryer.

Frigidaire is in 'da house!

Here is the story I did to document day.

Off to sort and wash,

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How will the Frigidaire affinity washer and dryer measure up?

Everyone has a lot of laundry, I know that.
But we have the dreaded ladybug.
The thing may look cute on the outside but it's a huge, bottomless pit of dirty, stinky, moldy, icky, bacteria-thriving laundry.

The ladybug is what we use for the girls' laundry and they fill it up 1-2 times a week. It measures 21 inches high by 17 inches wide. When filled it weighs about 25 lbs.

Here's a quick video showing how much laundry fits in the ladybug and how much of the ladybug fits into my current washing machine.

Please ignore my messy laundry room. I'd like to see yours!

I weighed and measured what was left after shooting the video and I measured another 10 inches (high) of laundry weighing approximately 12 lbs (I lost my helper so this is an approximation).

I can only say, I hope the Frigidaire affinity washer and dryer can hold more!
What do you think - how much more of the ladybug will the affinity hold?


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