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Fashion Friday the iPhone edition

I'm probably the last social media savvy person on earth to NOT yet have a smart phone.

Until now..

I pre-ordered an iPhone on Verizon!!!

Thank the Good Lord above that Verizon is finally allowed to sell iPhones. I love my Verizon service. I also have a few friends who love to make fun of me for my non-smart phone. My current phone might not be considered "smart" but at least it doesn't drop calls....EVER!

With all the excitement of ordering a new phone I completely forgot about

Fashionable iPhone Accessories

And thank you Apple for all the choices like..

the Kate Spade new york Agenda


the Michael Kors wallet clutch


the Agent18 Slim Shield


the Cole Haan Small Leather zip wallet (in red of course!)

But then I found THIS

Kate Spade new york Janine Notebook Carrying Case

Did you see that? JANINE!

I was the kid to NEVER had the personalized mug, keychain, pencils, etc. I would scour through racks and racks and never, not once, did I ever come across anything with "Janine" on it. That alone justifies the $400 price tag for this right? Plus, it would hold my MacBook, my iPad, and now my new iPhone, and it would hold it all fashionably.

What do you think?