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Fashion Friday Tips for Buying Fake UGGs 

UGG-like boots from Circo

Let me first clarify that I'm not promoting people buy boots that say Ugg on them but are not really Ugg brand boots - that is illegal. By 'fake' I'm talking about suede boots in the style of Uggs but with a much lower price like the Circo® Danalynn Suede Boots pictured above. One might even call them FUGGs.

When it comes to little girls, they are aware of the style but not necessarily the brand. They are also not fully aware of the cost of their boots and so a mud puddle is just as fun to jump in whether your boots cost $80 or $20.

How do you choose the best FUGGs?

Here are my Tips for Buying UGG-like boots for your kids

1. Look for a sole where the rubber comes up around the edges - this will help preserve some of the suede arond the toes

2. Look at the seams to make sure they are in good shape

3. Feel the lining and the inside to make sure there aren't any strange bumps or bare spots

4. Check the seam from where the sole meets the boot. If you pull on it and it seems loose, it will only loosen more as they wear them and that will allow water and cold air to seep in.

5. Buy then early! These boots tend to disappear fast from Target and some other stores so August isn't too early!



Fashion Friday - Fashion Games for the Fashionista in your Family

You know what they say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Instead of rolling my eyes at Em's love of fashion, I've decided to embrace it. I've discovered all kinds of great toys that will help bring out the creativity, but also offer discussion about the clothes WE think look good on little girls. Together we'll navigate the shelves and hangers in the clothing store, and fashion games are a great way to start.

Klutz My Style Studio

Trace designs onto your model and color them in so you can choose the colors, styles, and more.


Imagine Fashion Designer for the Nintendo DS

 The Twofer each got a DS for their birthday and I have a new appreciation for the DS games. In this one, you can design an entire line of clothing and style your model's hair, makeup and accessories. O.M.G.!


Magnetic Fashions Update the Old School Paper Doll

Sugar and Spice comes with two dolls, 9 play scenes, and tons of magnetic clothing for hours of fashion fun. This set would be great for travel!


Have you found some fun ways to embrace your child's interests?


Disclosure: affiliate links may generate commission if a purchase is made through the link.


Fashionista Friday - pink, brown, black and purple times two

Sometime they still dress alike, even when they don't plan to:


Walking home today I realized just how color coordinated they were.

Pink + Brown + Black + Purple

Not your average mix of colors and yet, I think it works.

And I'm starting to want my own pair of Twinkle Toes Skechers.



Fashionista Friday - celebrating Spring with mixed patterns

Just a quick one because the sun is shining, the skies are blue, and it's supposed to be really warm today. Both girls mixed patterns and while sometimes they are waaaaay off, today was more subtle and worked.

This is the first day I've let Em wear shorts to school and for some reason this made her very happy:


She paired them with a polka-dot spaghetti tank, lightweight hoodie with ice-cream cones, and pink sparkled flats.


Ellie went for a camo skirt and short-sleeved polka-dot shirt, and we topped it all off with that fabulous white (who says it's too early to wear white?) spring jacket:


El insisted on the zebra flats. I still give it a two-thumbs-up.



Fashion Friday: (on Monday) Wearing Wristlets

So I completely spaced Fashion Friday last week and of all people to remind mother.

She even reminded me of a topic for the week: Wristlets

You see we took Em shopping with us...the usual grocery store, Bed Bath & Beyond, and then Mom wanted to run into DSW to look for some shoes. She had told the girls she'd get them each a "little something" while we were out. Even for El who chose to stay home.

"A Little Something" is very subjective.

It means something completely different to a grandma, a mom, and an almost 7-year old that is way to conscious of what (and soon whom) she is wearing.

At DSW Em found about 1,000 pairs of shoes to try on and thankfully they don't have kids shoes there.

She also screamed a little when she saw the handbag area. (I am NOT exaggerating)

That is where she found her "Little Something"

Fashion Friday

A pink wristlet for her to carry all her important, chapstick, her fake credit card, a mirror, and a notepad.

For El we chose a few small things that we thought she would like. But when she saw the wristlet she had to have one too. So, we went to Target where she fell in love with...

Fashion Friday

As an animal lover, it's no surprise she went wtih Zebra stripes.

But wristlets aren't just for little girls. Here are a few that are perfect for spring and summer:


Emilie Sloan Payton Wristlet $21.00



Bungalow360 Mini Canvas Clutch $20.00


Keep a wristlet as a wallet in your larger bag. Grab it when you head to the Farmer's Market or the park. Invest in one with a little bling for a summer party. Or, get one for your own little fashionista and borrow as needed :).